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Masai Mara Hot Air Balloon

Our Adventure Expert Highlights Heart-Pounding Experiences You Need to Have

“After all these years, I still get chills when I stand in awe at the sites that have seen and shaped the world’s history.”

John Stoll, Crystal’s vice president of land programs, has been traveling the world for 15 years in search of the ultimate Crystal Adventures for Crystal guests to add to their lists of “WOW” moments – adventures that will almost certainly inspire more to come thanks to their captivating perspectives and insights into global history. In this time performing such enviable work, John has seen virtually everything, remaining continually enthralled with how much is still to be discovered. John knows almost better than anyone that thrills come in all forms, very much in the heart of the beholder. Summits of great peaks, profoundly sacred footsteps, immensely intricate artworks from millennia past – all can cause extreme adrenaline rushes in the souls of those who truly connect with the experience.

That said, there are still a handful that never fail to give this tireless world traveler pause at the enormity of the significance – from the literal heart-pounding of physical challenges to the spiritual sites that just as literally take your breath away.

Helicopter Flight over Mountains
Helicopter flights over mountainous glaciers and other monumental sites are offered in various destinations around the world.

And while he’s always on the move in pursuit of your next great adventure, here are some of John’s top picks for the most heart-pounding Crystal Adventures… so far.

  1. Sitting second seat in the cockpit of a Russian MiG 29 while traveling at Mach II (from St. Petersburg)
  2. Hovering over the Mendenhall Glacier and ice packed tundra in Alaska or atop the roaring waters of Africa’s Victoria Falls in a helicopter, allowing spectacular views of the natural wonders (from Juneau and Zimbabwe, respectively)
  3. Floating peacefully above Masai Mara Game Reserve in a hot air balloon watching wildlife graze and gallop below (from one of Crystal’s Safari Programs offered in Tanzania, Kenya and South Africa)
  4. Speeding by the archipelagos of Finland and Sweden at 60-mph in a purpose-built RIB boat (from Helsinki and Stockholm)
  5. Diving into the clear blue depths of the Great Barrier Reef to explore the colorful marine life and ecosystem (from Cairns, Australia)
  6. Enjoying the powerful roar of F-1 Race cars as they take hairpin turns down the stretch at 275 mph at the Abu Dhabi and Monaco Grand Prix Formula 1 races (from Abu Dhabi and Monte Carlo, respectively)
  7. Experiencing the impressive pageantry, colorful costumes and instruments marching in step at the Edinburgh Military Tattoo (from Edinburgh, Scotland)
  8. Discovering Luxor & the Valley of the Kings and one of the seven wonders of the world – the Pyramids at Giza (from Safaga as an overland adventure and Alexandria as a full day tour, respectively)
  9. Reveling in the classical beauty of a ballet performance at St. Petersburg’s Mariinsky Theater or Moscow’s Bolshoi Theatre
  10. Exploring the otherworldly landscapes of New Zealand’s hillsides where The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings trilogy was filmed (from Tauranga, New Zealand)
Luxor Valley of the Kings
The Valley of the Kings in Luxor, on the west bank of Ancient Thebes

Crystal Cruises explores hundreds of destinations in dozens of countries, offering more than 2,000 experiences ashore – nearly all of which were first explored and designed by John and his expert team. What Crystal Adventures made your top 10? And, more importantly, which adventure is next…?

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