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Fill 2018 with Bucket List Adventures

If you do it right, traveling virtually anywhere, any time can be transformative. Simply keep your eyes, ears and mind open and the world will reward you with new perspectives on things you thought you knew, or brand new favorite places altogether. The just published 2018 & 2019 Worldwide Cruise Atlas ups the ante on this theory considerably, as its 212 pages are brimming with voyages that will wow even the most seasoned and savvy travelers. Such travelers, like many of our guests, continually seek new experiences and crave the kind of enrichment that comes from traveling somewhere for the first time. Bucket list adventures – those that one fully intends to experience at least once in a lifetime – can be found on virtually every Crystal voyage, and they vary greatly depending on a traveler’s individual style. But there are some places and things this world has to offer that are universally wondrous…

Crystal Cruises Dubai
Dubai’s exotic proximity to desert and sea create a special mystique to its urban landscape.

We’re highlighting three journeys that feature sites and locales that must be seen to be believed. If you have not yet visited the destinations on our list, make sure you add them to your list.

Arabian Nights, April 15

Overnight stays in Mumbai, Muscat, Abu Dhabi, Dubai And a maiden call to Doha, Qatar mean plenty of time to soak in the millennia of monumental treasures of the Middle East. Explore the history of British rule in India and the former home of Mahatma Ghandi; see the sultan’s palace in Oman; and revel in the confluence of cultures, nightlife and deep-sea pearl dives in Bahrain.

Continue to Abu Dhabi and Dubai, and be sure to take a moment to consider that these thriving modern cities of astronomical wealth also boast ancient treasures beyond belief. Explore the Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim Museum, housing an astounding collection of contemporary artworks in Abu Dhabi, and learn about the ancient customs that endure today.

Crystal Cruises Norway
A misty midnight sun in the summertime fjords of Norway.

Into the Midnight Sun, July 1

If you’ve ever needed a reason to stay up all night, the majesty of the northern sky in the heart of summertime is it. This voyage along the Norwegian Sea deserves a spot on any bucket list, both for the magic of sailing where the sun doesn’t set and the dramatic beauty of the fjords and the land of the Vikings. Explore Bergen, formerly where kings resided and still a hub of historic traditions. Villages like Flåm and Geiranger seem to rise majestically from the world’s largest fjords, while Gravdal and Tromsø evoke the intrepid adventures of the Arctic Circle.

Crystal Cruises Bordeaux France
The vineyards of Bordeaux, France.

Vineyards & Vistas, July 29

Not just any vineyards – the centuries-old vineyards in the UNESCO-designated wineland of Bordeaux, as well as those in Portugal, Spain and the South of France. Oenophiles can check several experiences off their lists with this voyage, which spends overnights in Le Verdon/Bordeaux, Lisbon and Barcelona. Visit the world’s most famous French vineyards at Médoc, St-Emilion, Pomerol, Graves and Sauternes, and explore the neo-colonial charms and sophisticated atmosphere in Bordeaux. Take in the cosmopolitan vibe and artistic and architecturally forward movements in Lisbon, where you’ll also sip world-class ports. In Barcelona, the cultural celebration continues, as you meander Las Ramblas in search of your favorite rioja and tapas. Marvel at how the works of Gaudí mingle seamlessly on city blocks adjacent to modern structures, and take in the sunshine along the Mediterranean.

Get started checking off your bucket list adventures. Book your 2018 Crystal voyage today.

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