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Crystal’s Destination Experts Go to the Ends of the Earth to Create Your Next Adventure

They’ve done it again. Our team of destination experts has curated some of the most compelling and captivating itineraries in the world, packed with destinations that will captivate you and leave you awestruck. These dedicated globetrotters have turned their magic toward Crystal Endeavor, creating expeditions of adventure, nature and culture. The polar class luxury yacht’s complete roster of 2021 voyages has just been announced, with journeys focused on distinctly on the rare and special.

The list of far-reaching voyages is designed for those with a longing to do something different, to venture away from the beaten path. You’ll find destinations that have long been favored by travelers for decades, but with Crystal Endeavor you can explore such spots in entirely new ways, with new perspectives, her small size bringing you to the heart of the action in many ports. Along with these beloved locales are also rarely visited – some rarely even heard of – destinations that will pack your passport and camera roll with new wonders.

Today, our experts are highlighting some of their personal picks for the places and experiences featured on Crystal Endeavor’s 2021 journeys. Make note, choose your next adventure, and start packing.

Winding wisteria vines cloak the walkways of Japan’s Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Garden

Japan – There will be iconic sites, like Miyajima’s Torii Gate that seems to float unsuspended on the water and the beguiling stories of the ancient capital of Kyoto. There are also numerous natural wonders here, highlighted on three different voyages through Japan’s islands. Ishigaki contradicts perceptions and offers spectacular beaches; Kitakyushu takes you to a world enveloped in purple blossom canopies at Kawachi Fujien Wisteria Gardens; and UNESCO-listed Shiretoko National Park is a wonderland of waterfalls, trails and wildlife.

View of Trollfjord with snow capped mountains in the Lofoten Islands of Norway

Norway and the North Cape – Beyond the Viking victories and tales and endless summertime sun, Norway offers less known majestic experiences. Crystal Endeavor’s September 15 expedition embarks just in time for the breathtaking fall foliage that cloaks the fjord-side hilltops. The ship’s small size also makes it possible to pass through Trollfjord, an incredibly narrow brand of the Raftsund River that winds through the archipelagos, bringing the Arctic peaks seemingly close enough to touch.

Gentoo penguins are among the many seabirds that flock to Macquarie Island.

New Zealand’s Sub-Antarctic Islands – Seabirds outnumber humans in these remote islands by millions, from soaring giant southern royal albatross to adorable crested penguins. Wild landscapes stretch from shore to shore with rolling rocky hillsides sporting wildflower fields. On the sand and rocks beyond it, sea lions congregate and surf crashes, underscoring the untamed nature of the isles. UNESCO-listed Macquarie Island, Enderby Island, and Campbell Island are the stuff of dreams for adventurous nature and bird lovers, while Snares Island does not permit landings, but presents an ideal spot for zodiac tours, considered one of the best ways to explore the islands.

Beach of Ko Kut, district of Trat Province, Thailand

Indonesia & Southeast Asia – First, consider the urban adventures that await in cities like Bangkok and Ho Chi Minh, where Crystal Endeavor will have prime dock positioning in the heart of the action thanks again to her size. Next, let your imagination wander to Con Son, a world away from the pulsing energy of those hubs. Here, the beaches are pristine and peaceful, contrasted by the place’s history as a “prison island” between the 19th and 20th centuries. An equally beautiful but distinctly its own piece of paradise is Ko Kut, a wonderland of untouched rainforest.

Cathedrals and grand architecture in Santiago de Compostela, Spain

Europe & Transatlantic – Entirely new perspectives of Spain and France will come into view on these cultural expeditions, some stunningly photogenic, others are better savored. Pasaia offers both, dramatically welcoming you with a spectacular sail-in passage that is too narrow for larger ships, then depositing you close to the tapas capital of Spain in San Sebastian. Trace the famous pilgrimage of the Camino Real all the way to Santiago de Compostela via Villagarcia. And even the most well-travel Francophiles will be mesmerized at the charming port of Caen-Oistreham – a small gem with big stories to tell, including the nearby Landing Beaches of Normandy.

These and hundreds of other marvels await aboard Crystal Endeavor in 2021, with journeys ranging from high adventure, wilderness and wildlife to deep connections with little known cultures. Follow the Crystal Insider for PART II of our experts’ top highlights.

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