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Humpback Whale, Alaska

The Wild and Wonderful High Points of Crystal Endeavor in 2021

Crystal’s destination experts have returned with more “can’t miss” sites and experiences featured on Crystal Endeavor’s 2021 expeditions. This is just a sampling of the hundreds of breathtaking moments that will occur across the year of voyages that range from wilderness adventures and rugged excursions to deeply fascinating cultural pursuits. Part II of our experts’ top highlights aboard Crystal Endeavor 2021 expeditions is all about the wildlife, as the yacht makes her way to regions that are isolated from most human life. Each has its own distinct biology and topography, but all are wonderlands of nature’s wildest works.

Valley of Geysers
The Valley of Geysers in Kronotsky Nature Reserve on Russia’s Kamchatka Peninsula.

Russian Far East & Northeast Passage – Very few explorers make their way to the extreme north and High Arctic. Until very recently, the Northeast Passage itself was inaccessible to all travelers. Today, the region is still home to far more polar bears, whales, Arctic foxes and seals than humans, though the few communities that do thrive there are warm and welcoming and eager to share their heritage. Zodiac explorations and nature hikes through lands once traversed by woolly mammoths and history’s greatest explorers will leave you absolutely awestruck.

Adelie Penguins, Weddell Sea
Adelie penguins gather on a iceberg in the Weddell Sea

Antarctica – A landscape like no other on earth, the Antarctic Peninsula is a wonder for scientifically curious and nature-loving travelers. Crystal Endeavor’s expeditions to the White Continent approach the region via the rarely-traversed Ross Sea by way of Tasmania and into the Weddell Sea from South America. Visit historic “huts” and research stations, explore the Antarctic Peninsula, embark on epic quests for penguin colonies, and look for whales and wildlife amidst the extraordinary wilderness. Crystal Endeavor adds to the adventure as one of the very few vessels that will carry helicopters on board for breathtaking aerial exploration.

Katmai National Forest
Alaskan brown bears roam the Katmai National Forest

Alaska/Aleutian Isles – Incredible, protected natural reserves in this region mean extraordinary potential wildlife sightings. Alaska’s Katmai National Park boasts over 9,000 years of human history but today is populated mostly by massive Grizzly Bears and salmon, while the UNESCO-listed Aleutian Isles Biosphere Reserve and Wildlife Refuge is nearly as remote and wild as it gets, about 1,600 miles from Alaska’s frontier. Here, you’ll find volcanically formed tundra patrolled by native sea birds, sea lions and sea otters.

Parati, Brazil
Streets of the famous historical town Parati, Brazil

South America – Beyond the famed beaches clad with glamourous sunseekers and spicy rhythms that carry on well into the wee hours, there are other kinds of “hot spots” to enjoy here. Parati, Brazil is a throwback to colonial times, with remarkably preserved architecture along cobbled streets where horse-drawn carriages constitute rush hour. Argentina’s coastline in Camarones, Puerto Deseado and Isla Pengüino is rich in ecosystems and habitats for penguins, sea lions, fur seals, guanacos and several other species en route to the Falkland Islands.

Crystal Endeavor’s 2021 expeditions will open for booking on March 13. Prepare for bold adventure while sailing in the incomparable luxury of this polar class yacht.

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