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Crystal Serenity’s 10 Most Unique Ports of Call for 2022

Crystal Serenity’s 132-night 2022 Grand Voyage offers exploration on an epic scale, featuring 82 ports of call from lush Caribbean isles to exotic Spanish archipelagos and legendary lands of the Mediterranean.

This grand adventure is also available in 11 combinable segments ranging from 9 to 16 nights inviting travelers to curate their own itineraries from explorations of the Canary Islands to journeys along the Costa del Sol, the Amalfi Coast and more!

Each destination-rich voyage features overnights in iconic cities including Barcelona, Athens, Istanbul and more, as well as calls in harbors and hideaways off the beaten path offering rare encounters to intrigue and delight even the most well-traveled wanderers.

Ignite your passion for discovery with a preview of the 10 most unique ports of call Crystal Serenity will explore in 2022….

San Blas Islands, Panama

San Blas Islands, Panama – Visiting the San Blas Islands is a special experience. Also known as Guna Yala, the archipelago is governed by The Guna people who safeguard its unspoiled beauty.

The Guna people are famed for handmade textiles known as Molas, featuring layers of colorful fabric sewn into striking geometrical patterns. Evolved from the tradition of Guna body paint, the word “Mola” means blouse and the designs are worn on women’s garments to this day.

Molas can feature mythological images, as well as flowers, sea animals and birds and make unique frameable art pieces. However, travelers must bring cash to secure a Mola, as there are no credit card payments in the San Blas Islands and no internet access either, just pure tropical bliss.

Caroni Bird Sanctuary – Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago – A call in Port of Spain on the Caribbean’s southernmost isle reveals a bastion of commerce coexisting alongside lush tropical landscapes from the palm-lined shores of Maracas Beach surrounded by rainforests to the 12,000-acre Caroni Bird Sanctuary, nesting place of the Scarlet Ibis.

A national bird of Trinidad and Tobago, the Scarlet Ibis nests in great numbers in the Caroni Swamp. Glide on a boat through the mangroves to witness the birds in their fiery splendor and watch for swallow-tailed kites, roseate spoonbills and spectacled caiman who inhabit these wetlands.

Plage de Pompierre – Terre-de-Haute, Îles des Saintes

Îles des Saintes, Guadeloupe – Seven miles south of Guadeloupe, the small island archipelago of Îles des Saintes overdelivers on southern Caribbean splendor. Likened by some to a St. Barts of years past, the isle of Terre-de-Haute is a multicultural mélange of Caribbean soul and French flair from its quaint main village to the lovely beach at Plage de Pompierre and historic Fort Napoleon.

Explore the shops and French restaurants along the main street and stop for a taste of Tourment d’Amour, the island’s must-try dessert. With Caribbean flavors of vanilla, coconut, lime and rum in a confection of French pastry and Genoise sponge cake, the dessert is a slice of heaven – much like the island itself. 

Porto Novo – Santo Antão, Cape Verde Islands

Porto Novo, Cape Verde Islands – Porto Novo is a gateway to outdoor pursuits and verdant beauty in the Cape Verde Islands. A haven for hiking and exhilarating 4 x 4 explorations, Santo Antão rewards the adventurous with views across a dramatic landscape of canyons, gorges and valleys.

With towering peaks, agricultural terraces and palm trees swaying against a backdrop of lush fields, the island of Santo Antão at first glance resembles Southeast Asia or perhaps mountainous Peru. Colonized by the Portuguese, the island – part of the 10-island country of Cape Verde – has European roots, and a claim as the first European outpost in the tropics.

UNESCO-listed Parque Nacional de Garajonay – La Gomera, Canary islands

San Sebastian de la Gomera, Canary Islands – Unlike the other Canary Islands with their volcanic lunar-like landscapes, La Gomera is covered in lush forests and blanketed with an ethereal mist that provides life-sustaining moisture to the eco-system of Europe’s largest primitive forest.

Explore UNESCO-listed Parque Nacional de Garajonay featuring a well-preserved laurel forest, a living remnant of the old rainforests and warm temperate forests that once occupied much of Europe and North Africa. San Sebastian has an unspoiled charm, offering cultural and historical sites and the serene beachfront of Playa de San Sebastian within walking distance of the city center.

Island of Ortigia – Historic Center of Syracuse, Sicily

Syracuse, Sicily – The entire city of Syracuse is a walkable UNESCO World Heritage Site featuring winding alleys, gracious piazzas and glorious architecture representing a timeline of several millennia. Founded in 734 BC by the Greeks, the city brims with world-class examples of Greek, Roman and Baroque architecture awash with Italian character.

The Island of Ortigia, the historic center of Syracuse, has been inhabited for more than 3,000 years and is one of the most beautiful destinations in Sicily. History blends with the charms of Italian life along the pedestrian-friendly backstreets, while the lively Syracuse morning market offers the chance to explore the colors and aromas of authentic Italian produce and delicacies.

Harbor views in Gaeta, Italy

Gaeta, Italy – A beautiful walled city on a promontory overlooking the Tyrrhenian Sea, Gaeta offers travelers the charms of an unspoiled Italian town off the regular tourist path. The medieval old town features narrow alleys and historic sites including an impressive 13th-century castle and splendid 12th-century cathedral.

Gaeta is a short drive from the expansive Roman ruins and mosaics of Minturnae as well as the Villa de Tiberio, the archeological site of Emperor Tiberius’ Seaside Villa. An intriguing and scenic local gem is the Santuario della Montagna Spaccata (Sanctuary of the Split Mountain), built upon a mountain said to have been split by God at the moment of Jesus’ crucifixion.

View from Profitis Ilias Pátmos, Greece

Pátmos, Greece – Pátmos’ historic center of Chorá is one of the Greek Isles’ most beautiful hill villages, a medieval old town of white-washed architecture, historic churches, charming cafes, art galleries and shops. Chorá is also a UNESCO World Heritage Site together with the Monastery of St. John the Theologian and the Cave of the Apocalypse.

The isle is reputed to be where John the Apostle wrote his Gospel and received the visions recorded in the Book of Revelation. The monastery, built atop the 883-foot tall Profitis Ilias, dates to the late 10th century and offers visitors fascinating history and sweeping views of the town and harbor.

Katakolon is a gateway to the historic ruins of Olympia, Greece

Katakolon, Greece – The seaside village of Katakolon offers a gateway to the ancient site of Olympia, the storied place where the Olympic Games originated in 776 BC and where impressive monuments, including the Temple of Zeus, the Temple of Hera and the famous stadium itself all await discovery.

The nearby Archaeological Museum offers insight into the Games and ancient mythology, with pieces including the Head of Hera and ornaments from the Temple of Zeus. Back in town, stroll the oceanfront, relax over ouzo in an open-air café, or engage in a friendly round of haggling for jewelry and handcrafts.

Cartagena, Spain

Cartagena, Spain – From the days of the Roman Empire when it was known as the New Carthage, Cartagena’s enviable position on the Mediterranean has long made it one of the most important ports in Spain. The country’s Naval Headquarters is here, as are Dockyard Gate and Midshipman School. Discover ancient Roman ruins and Modernista buildings, the magnificent Concepción Castle and a stunning City Hall.

Cartagena is also a gateway to the historic splendors of Murcia and its landmark cathedral. Construction of this masterpiece began in 1394 and lasted until 1792, resulting in a blend of architectural styles across centuries including Renaissance and Baroque architecture, Rococo and Neoclassical influences, a Gothic interior and a splendid Spanish Baroque façade.

Crystal Serenity’s new Winter-Spring Collection of voyages from the tropics to the Mediterranean launches in January 2022!

Indulge your wanderlust with Grand Voyage options of 102, 116, or 132 nights or choose your perfect itinerary from 11 combinable cruise segments ranging from 9 to 16 nights and enjoy an exclusive five percent savings on back-to-back voyages.

Explore the world with Crystal and design your own adventure today!

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