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The Dos and Don’ts of Crystal Alaska Cruises with Kids

It takes a special vacation to satisfy the wanderlust of seasoned travelers, the penchant for luxury of discerning travelers, and the curiosities and activity level of the youngest travelers. A Crystal Serenity Alaska voyage is that vacation. Alaska family cruises are particularly thrilling, as you enjoy discovering the Final Frontier through the eyes of your little ones, and there is indeed much to discover.

Unlike even the most legendary marvels in Europe’s celebrated halls of artistic greatness, or Asia’s ancient sacred sites, the most spectacular elements of an Alaska vacation are ever-changing. The mist never takes the same path through between the mountaintops and the black bears don’t let you know when you can expect to spot them fishing for salmon. While some of the most memorable moments of your Alaska voyage will be the unexpected ones, there are some things you can plan for your family vacation with Crystal. For instance, plan to be dazzled by the attention to detail and personalized service you’ll receive on board the award-winning ship. And definitely plan to be overwhelmed by the majesty you’ll see outside your window or from your veranda.

Alaskan Dog Sled Team
Alaskan Dog Sled Team

In addition to these intangibles that make an Alaska cruise with Crystal especially sweet, we’ve got some extra tips for guests heading to the luxurious side of the North Pacific.

DO check fine print on your favorite Crystal Adventures. There are dozens of epic experiences offered in Alaska, each carefully designed to showcase the natural wonder and intrepid spirit of Alaska. Helicopters over massive glaciers, dogsledding, sea kayaking, zip lining and off-road treks are some of the most thrilling ways to see the sights, but many have age and weight requirements for children. For everyone’s safety and enjoyment, review your excursion choices in detail to ensure they’re appropriate for all members of the family.

DON’T miss the ice cream bar. Even in the chilly Alaskan air, the aroma of sugar cones from Scoops ice cream bar on Crystal Serenity’s Seahorse Deck will warm your soul. Grab one of the plush blankets laid out on the chaise lounges and then grab a scoop – or two or three – of your favorite Ben & Jerry’s flavor and get creative with the toppings.

Crystal Serenity's Fantasia and Waves areas are outfitted for kids' favorite acitivities
Crystal Serenity’s Fantasia and Waves areas are outfitted for kids’ favorite acitivities

DO make friends with the Junior Activities Director. Your kids will thank you for their time spent with these kid-experts while on board. While you spend your sea day at the spa or on the Sun Deck playing paddle tennis, your kids will explore their own version of R & R, from Alaska-specific crafts and games, to video games and movie nights. You may be rendered a bit jealous of the special treatment your kids enjoy – VIP access to the galley for cooking baking and command performances of select stage shows are also on the agenda.

DON’T be afraid to get wet. And dirty. Many of the aforementioned Crystal Adventures delve into the great outdoors in the most authentic ways, which means icy ocean water beneath your kayak, hundreds of native plants lining rainforest paths, and plenty to explore along the rivers and beaches. Some of the best parts of Alaska are found by getting out and getting dirty. Besides, kids love that.

DO explore the spirit of Alaska found on board the ship. Like all Crystal voyages, cruises through Alaska feature special guest speakers and regional experts in everything from its cultural heritage and origin of the thousands of totems to the fascinating wildlife including humpback whales, orcas, bears, moose and more bird species than you can count. These engaging presentations are designed to interest vast audiences, which make them great opportunities to bring the region to life for your young travelers.

Kodiak Brown Bear, Alaska
Kodiak Brown Bear, Alaska

DON’T forget how valuable cruising Alaska with kids can be. Literally. There is tremendous value available to families on Crystal Serenity’s Alaska voyage this summer, including Kids Sail Free, Crystal Clear Choices and Crystal Memories are designed to make luxury travel customizable for every family. Added perks, free berths, shipboard credits and the freedom to choose options most valuable to your family make the world-renowned Crystal Experience™ even sweeter.

*Bonus: DON’T feed the bears. Or any other wildlife you may encounter. Awe-striking animals roam from trees to seas in Alaska, and it’s Crystal’s policy to always approach it with respect and and caution, for the safety of our guests, and the local wild residents. BUT, DO photograph them. You won’t want to forget your camera, so you can relive these incredible moments with your family again and again.

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Posted on September 2, 2016