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From our family to yours: What’s your 2016 TRAVEL resolution?


New Year’s resolutions need not mean giving something up, or doing more of something simply because you “should.” They can be filled with the intent to add more wonder and amazement to your life. To offer some inspiration, our Crystal family shares their “travel resolutions” – the ports and cities they most look forward to visiting with Crystal in 2016, some new and those that have long been their favorites.

Aboard Crystal Cruises in 2016, the world is truly at your fingertips, with two ocean ships, a luxurious yacht and a river yacht (coming this summer) to take you to the locales of your dreams. Never seen the temples of Angkor Wat up close? This cruise is for you.  Always been fascinated by the history of the czars? We’ve got you covered. Of course, if glaciers and wildlife are your thing, you can fulfill your resolution all summer.

So where do you resolve to sail with Crystal in the upcoming year?


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