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From the Heart of a Volcano to the Arctic Circle, Luxury Iceland Expeditions Deliver Breathtaking Experiences

Crystal Endeavor takes guests on up-close shore excursion adventures to spy sea birds, whales, waterfalls and an active volcano…

Soar above an active volcanic eruption on a helicopter flightseeing adventure or get an up-close look at an active lava flow on a hike through an evolving volcanic landscape. There has never been a more exciting time to visit Iceland as it spectacularly displays how it achieved the name “Land of Fire and Ice”.

Crystal Expedition Cruises’ new polar class expedition yacht Crystal Endeavor will take guests closer to the action than ever before with an inaugural series of 10-night Luxury Iceland Expeditions July through August 2021, featuring expedition adventures to explore cliff-dwelling seabirds, fjords teeming with whale species, the archipelago of the Westfjords, geothermal wonders, waterfalls and more.

From soaking in the geothermal waters of the Blue Lagoon to visiting Látrabjarg, the largest sea-bird cliff in Iceland and home to razorbills, puffins, guillemot, fulmar and more, Iceland delivers activities for every level of adventure and exploration.

“Iceland offers the chance for unique adventures in spectacular settings and with Crystal Endeavor we can explore more closely than ever before.” explained Walter Barinaga, Crystal’s director of destination experiences. “In Seydisfjordur guests have the option to visit Skálanes nature reserve, a pristine wilderness on the East Iceland peninsula with 50 bird species, herds of reindeer and packs of Arctic foxes. It’s a place so remote few Icelanders have even visited, and an example of the special access we provide our guests.”

Crystal Endeavor was purpose-built to provide access to places off limits to larger ships, with a PC6 icebreaker classification that allows her to cruise in Arctic and Antarctic waters. The exclusivity of just 100 all-balcony, all butler-serviced suites provides a level of intimacy that extends to the unique shoreside experiences available to guests.

True expedition experiences Crystal Endeavor’s Iceland voyages feature noted expedition experts on every voyage. With a keen eye for enrichment and a ready fleet of Zodiacs and ocean kayaks the expedition team is always ready to take to the water to explore, offering guests up-close encounters out of reach for most travelers. Nearly every port of call in Iceland features complimentary expedition kayaking and Zodiak cruising in addition to shoreside adventures led by the expedition team.

  • Fagradalsfjall Volcano

There has never been a more thrilling time to experience Iceland. On March 19, 2021, the much-anticipated Fagradalsfjall volcanic eruption began in the Geldingadalur Valley, 30 kilometers from the capital city of Reykjavík, and continues today offering Crystal Endeavor guests a spectacular once-in-a-lifetime chance to experience an active volcano.

Soar above Fagradalsfjall Volcano on a helicopter flightseeing adventure for a bird’s-eye view of the active eruption site and a moonscape of fiery fissures and red-hot lava streams as it flows across the valley. Land for a brief walk amid spellbinding scenery created by the first eruption in 800 years on the Reykjanes Peninsula, a UNESCO Global Geopark and a young section of Iceland and a land-born counterpart of the Mid Atlantic Ridge.

A hike to Fagradalsfjall Volcano, offers the chance to witness a lava flow up close trekking across a landscape created by thousands of years of volcanic activity and glacial erosion. A rare event made even more special as the current eruption features the oldest lava to emerge in Iceland for 7,000 years, attributed to the deep magma chamber usually only found at the bottom of ocean rifts.

Just a scenic 30-minute drive from Reykjavík in the Blue Mountains is Thríhnúkagígur, a dormant volcano and the only place on the planet where it is safe to explore inside a magma chamber. The chamber is so deep the Statue of Liberty could easily fit inside, her flame still well beneath the surface. A 400-foot descent to the crater floor showcases walls of volcanic rock seemingly in a kaleidoscope of colors.

Trace your footsteps along the path of the Arctic Circle in Grimsey Island in the land of the midnight sun. Home to one hundred people and one million seabirds, Grimsey is an emerald oasis surrounded by the vast Arctic Ocean. Enjoy a walk led by the ship’s expert ornithologist as you learn about the soaring sea birds and puffins that nest in the cliffs.

On a complimentary excursion in Hafnarholmi, the journey is part of the experience as you board the ship’s Zodiacs for a spectacular ride to shore surrounded by snow-capped peaks. After a beach landing, the ship’s expert expedition team will lead an up-close look at adorable red-footed Puffins, Arctic terns and other sea birds that call this remote outpost home.

In Isafjörđur, known for its dramatic landscapes, a complimentary excursion to visit Dynjandi Waterfall showcases a glacier-carved landscape of sharp mountain ridges and deep fjords. Gain insights into the landscapes of the Westfjords and experience the majesty of Dynjandi also known as Fjallfoss, the Jewel of the Westfjords, as it cascades down 100 meters over the rockface ledges like a flowing bridal veil.

Siglufjörður is the gateway to Eyjafjörður, Iceland’s longest fjord and one of the best whale-watching locations in the world. Spy humpback and minke whales, white-beaked dolphins, harbor porpoises and more in these waters where an abundance of zooplankton and krill, attracts over twenty species of whales, dolphins and porpoises.

A RIB (rigid inflatable boat) safari in Heimaey explores an archipelago of dramatic volcanic islands and sea caves shaped by the interaction between the sea and volcanic activity. Sea birds and puffins frequent these isles while in summer orcas frequent the waters along with whales, porpoises and seals.

Guests can also enjoy a sightseeing journey of Reykjavík’s key landmarks on the day of disembarkation**. Discover the geothermal wonders of the Reykjanes Peninsula, The Pearl which offers panoramic views of Iceland’s capital, and walk across the Bridge Between Continents during this scenic, half-day excursion that includes a transfer to the Keflavík Airport.

*Each Crystal Endeavor itinerary balances days at sea with scheduled ports of call, and is intentionally designed to be flexible, allowing the Captain and his team of experts to incorporate unplanned “expedition days” when favorable weather conditions invite the opportunity for uncommon discovery. Ports of call are subject to final confirmation and enhancement and may also vary according to the captain’s discretion due to weather or other conditions.

**This tour is offered to guests with departing flights from the Keflavík Airport after 2 p.m., as guests with international flights should arrive at the airport at least three hours before their flight.

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