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“The 2022 World Cruise may be the most extraordinary World Cruise itinerary Crystal has offered.”

There is something special at the heart of every Crystal Experience: you. We are honored to have been part of some of your most precious memories and greatest journeys, whether you’ve sailed once or more than 100 times. Today, we’re sharing the personal perspective of two of our guests – Keith and Anne Marie Steiner, who recently celebrated their 100th Crystal voyage aboard Crystal Serenity. Across the many nautical miles they’ve covered with Crystal, they’ve gleaned many insights, they tell us they have many more discoveries to make…

Keith & Anne Marie: “It is hard to believe that we have reached this milestone. We remember our first cruise with Crystal Cruises aboard the Crystal Harmony (the first ship of the fleet) in 2002. We sailed Alaska and it was in celebration of a major wedding anniversary milestone. We brought our son, daughter and future son-in-law with us. In very short order we were “Crystalized” and have enjoyed many World Cruises and other special cruises since then. We consider the wonderful Crystal crew on both Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity and the many Crystal Cruises’ team members on land to be part of our extended Crystal family, and we feel the same way about many fellow guests who became friends.”

Crystal Insider: “The Crystal Family” is something we refer to often. How does this concept resonate with you, having spent so much time collectively with other guests and our ships’ crews?

“For us the Crystal Family includes the amazing officers and crew, many who we have known since we began cruising with Crystal Cruises in 2002. In the end it is the people who make the difference and for us. The other part of the extended Crystal Family includes fellow guests and several of the enrichment personnel and entertainers who we have known for many years. For our Vintage Room dinner celebration of our 100th milestone we included officers and senior staff who are very special to us and are part of our extended Crystal family.”

CI: What has changed aboard Crystal ships since you first sailed, and what has not?

“There have been many changes on board Crystal. We applaud the changes including open dining, (all)-inclusive drinks, expanded entertainment before and after dinner and a greater variety of entertainment. For us, these changes have enhanced the social level on the ship and provided a greater opportunity to get to know other guests and to establish friendships.

What has not changed is Crystal’s philosophy of putting the guest first and making the guest feel like an individual.”

CI: Through the course of your 100 voyages, certainly there are destinations you’ve visited time and again. What are your strategies or tips for re-discovering places in new ways?

“When we are returning to a destination, we often will look for new things to do while revisiting areas we thoroughly enjoyed. There is always something new to do. We take the approach that it is important to smell the flowers. In other words, when you revisit places you have already visited it provides the opportunity to not rush around but to take your time and to appreciate all of the little details. Exploring should be like enjoying a fine wine which means move slowly to take it all in.”

CI: From the perspective of seasoned Crystal travelers, what is the region or specific itinerary you would recommend to any new guests?

“There are so many areas of the world that we would recommend for first time Crystal Cruisers. Our top picks would be Australia and New Zealand as it offers so much activity and outdoor exploration. Another recommendation is the Mediterranean because there is such a variety for any type of traveler, with all the fascinating history, wonderful restaurants and small-town feel in the villages between the grander cities.’

In regard to full Crystal World Cruises, how do these differ from the many individual voyages you’ve enjoyed over the years?

“A World Cruise itinerary is totally unique. Yes, they offer longer segments, multiple overnights and a good mix of time at sea allowing you to explore and also enjoy the amenities aboard the ship. But once you’ve sailed a full World Cruise, it feels much like a family or college reunion, when you’ll reconnect with many other travelers and crew members who become friends. This is one of the things we look forward to most with every new World Cruise.”

As guests who have sailed on several Crystal World Cruises, what draws you to a specific itinerary? Some World Cruises are regionally focused, while others (like the recently announced 2022 World Cruise) are complete circumnavigations of the globe. How do you choose?

“Our focus when selecting a portion or complete World Cruise is first the destinations the ship will visits. After nine World Cruises with Crystal, there are some regions that are more interesting to us than others.

For example, the 2020 World Cruise appealed to us because it visits some fascinating regions, including many places in Europe we’ve never visited or haven’t for a long time. We also consider the time planned in port and overnights, since we really appreciate more time to explore the port as well as the outlying areas.

The 2022 World Cruise may be the most extraordinary World Cruise itinerary Crystal has offered. We’re excited that it features over two weeks in Australia, two full days in Israel, a return to Istanbul and the Black Sea. Another appeal for us is the option to select from multiple departure dates and destinations. Choice is always good.”

Crystal’s 2022 World Cruise is now available for booking, with alternate embarkation and disembarkation dates and destinations to suite guests’ preferences.

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