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It’s difficult to draw lines around luxury, or confine one’s definition of adventure within a certain set of boundaries. Today’s luxury might be therapeutic yoga on the deck of a yacht, while tomorrow’s adventure could encompass deep-sea fishing in the Indian Ocean. You decide. While you’re considering the options, consider the fact that Crystal Esprit will sail 11 exotic itineraries through the picturesque Seychelles Islands beginning in January. The Seychelles – known as a picture-perfect, get-away-from-it-all playground for the VIP celebrities of the world – set the backdrop for whatever luxury and island yachting adventure you crave.

We understand this might make the decision making more challenging, as you’ll have at your fingertips the opportunity to soar above the forested hillsides of Mahé, Victoria via zipline, or above the colossal skyscrapers of Dubai’s skyline in a helicopter. You can dive far below sea level outfitted for the spectacular scuba experiences on the reefs, or in the comfort of the luxury yacht’s private submersible that provides a window to the underwater world.

The point here is, don’t choose. You don’t have to. The nine-day voyages afford you many luxuries, among them the luxury of checking off a different “I’ve always wanted to ____” adventure each day. Even if you’ve simply always wanted to sail through pristine waters on a luxury yacht, sipping champagne served to you by one of Crystal’s attentive butlers. We think that’s an excellent choice.

As you picture your dream yacht vacation, imagine yourself here…

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