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Even with the infinite stream of information at our fingertips thanks to modern technology, there are moments when our daydreams of travel and discovery and vacation seem unreachable. These moments often occur in places like long DMV lines, at times like the eleventh hour of a workday spent behind a desk.

Helicopter over Alaska

Leave it to Crystal to make the luxurious global experiences found aboard our posh vessels accessible to travelers no matter where in the world they are. Brand new Crystal Preview virtual reality technology joins the ever-innovating roster of ways in which Crystal connects guests with the world abroad, providing a truly immersive experience for travelers at the click of a mouse or app icon. Translation: Have device, will travel

Position yourself on Crystal Serenity’s open-air Sun Deck, and enjoy the view from the Wimbledon Tennis Courts. Virtually indulge in the pampering treatments of Crystal Mozart’s Crystal Life Spa as you imagine yourself floating down the Danube. Or go beyond the ultra-plush amenities and surroundings of the gorgeous vessels to the destinations themselves, into the heart of Munich’s main square, or flying high above the ice in the Northwest Passage.

Through EXP360 technology, 360-degree videos of dozens of components of the award-winning Crystal Experience – both on board and ashore – invite you to enjoy the adventure and luxury anywhere, any time. The Crystal Preview app for iOS and Android devices allows you to transport yourself from your current queue/desk/dentist’s chair to the luxury vacation experience you’re daydreaming about. Open the app, select your favorite view, and rotate your device 360 degrees to take in the full picture.

From your desktop, simply click on the 360° icon shown on the deck plans for Crystal Serenity and Crystal Mozart for your VIP view of the ships’ spacious areas; or itinerary highlights from the Arctic north and Europe’s riverside gems.

WARNING: Crystal Preview 360° videos are certain to fuel tendencies toward wanderlust. Contact your preferred travel professional for treatment.

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