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The (Michelin) Stars Align Along the Danube

So many of the best travel memories and stories involve food. The flavors, ingredients and dining customs of a destination so greatly influence our understanding of the culture that a meal becomes an experience, and cocktail hour becomes a true occasion. Aboard Crystal, the culinary culture is centered around the fine in “fine dining.”

Vienna's skyline at dusk is one of many unforgettable highlights of your time in Austria with Crystal River Cruises
Vienna’s skyline at dusk is one of many unforgettable highlights of your time in Austria with Crystal River Cruises

As Crystal Mozart embarks on her maiden voyage this week from Vienna, she’s expanding the culinary spirit of adventure shoreside, with Crystal River Cruises’ brand new Michelin Star restaurant experiences in Vienna and Budapest. When sailing aboard Crystal Mozart, you may choose to dine at one of eight renowned eateries awarded by the discerning Le Guide Michelin complimentarily, with menus specially curated by the talented chefs and Crystal’s own culinary experts.

Michelin Star restaurants offering dining experiences exclusive to Crystal guests include:

Le Ciel (Vienna) – Spectacular city views and an award-winning reputation are two of the many highlights of what is known as one of Vienna’s best gourmet restaurants. Cuisine by Toni Mörwald showcases the kitchen’s creative finesse with the highest quality ingredients.

Edvard Restaurant (Vienna) – Celebrated for artful dishes of the finest local meat and fish Chef Anton Pozeg blends the modern and classic beautifully. Dishes are accompanied by a wine list that is nearly as illustrious as the cuisine.

Konstantin Filippou (Vienna) – Minimalistic atmosphere with natural wood accents is an ideal canvas for the restaurant’s namesake chef to show off his delicate, complex cuisine, which blends Austrian cuisine with Mediterranean influences.

Tian Restaurant (Vienna) – One of only four vegetarian restaurants to receive a Michelin star, the venue offers creative, colorful fare, each dish its own work of art.

Winekitchen Restaurant (Budapest) – Also known as Borkonyha Wine Restaurant, this cozy bistro boasts a deceptively unpretentious atmosphere. Classic Hungarian cuisine is served with style and elegance, earning it “favorite” status among most who dine there.

Costes Restaurant (Budapest) – The posh eatery is a go-to spot for top international cuisine with a Hungarian flair, and also the first Hungarian restaurant to be awarded the coveted star.

Costes Downtown Restaurant (Budapest) – The downtown counterpart to Costes boasts a menu centered around the day’s local market selections, as determined by the chef, and earned its star less than a year after opening in 2015.

Tanti Restaurant (Budapest) – Considered masterful in reimagining classic Hungarian dishes, the menu features creatively prepared and seasoned fish and seafood, while the surroundings are comfortable, eclectic and elegant.

Additional Michelin Star restaurant experiences are available for an additional charge, while Crystal Mozart’s own inclusive restaurants Waterside, Blue and Bistro Mozart serve elegant, regionally inspired specialties and wines.

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