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Certain experiences in life seem relegated to the stuff of dreams, meant for daring explorers, but beyond our own grasp. If you have ever counted Antarctica among these unreachable encounters, Crystal Insider is here to show you that an expedition adventure to the 7th continent is both within your grasp and out of this world.

New luxury expedition yacht Crystal Endeavor reached Antarctic this week for her first-ever expedition to the Antarctic Peninsula. The first photo dispatches from the ship arrived today showcasing a pristine wonderland of incredible wildlife, majestic glaciers and mountain landscapes covered with the world’s thickest blanket of snow.

We can’t wait to dive in and share the immersive (literally!) experiences both above and below the waterline…

Guests on a Zodiac cruise spy a minke whale breaking the surface. Crystal Endeavor travels with her own fleet of 18 Zodiacs, staffed by a team of passionate expedition experts always ready to follow the adventure wherever it leads.

When seeking adventure beneath the waves, dive below with Crystal Endeavor’s submersible which made its seagoing debut on the 7th continent. Exploring Antarctica’s underwater ecosystem adds another perspective on this unique destination. More photos to come of the colorful world that exists beneath the surface…

The clouds meet the mountain tops and the snow seems to cascade into the sea on this photo of an awe-inspiring kayaking adventure. Expert kayaking guides are part of Crystal Endeavor’s experienced expedition team, leading guests on bold adventures to icy wonderlands and beyond.

It’s always exciting to check a thrilling new adventure off your life list! Sea kayaking amid icebergs in Antarctica? Check! Stocked with a fleet of 14 sea kayaks, Crystal Endeavor takes the adventure with her wherever she goes.

Come on in, the water’s fine! A group of gentoo penguins plunge into the sea while others prefer to laze on the ice for a while perhaps waiting for their turn to dive into the icy waters.

This close action shot shows wobbly-footed gentoo penguins transforming into sleek, turbo-charged swimming machines as they hit the water. Often awkward on land, gentoo penguins are fast, streamlined swimmers whose paddle-shaped flippers can propel them up to 22 miles an hour – faster than any other diving bird.

Opportunities for Zodiac adventures abound in Antarctica, offering guests an up-close-and-personal look at spouting whales, penguin and seal colonies and spectacular glaciers and sculpted ice formations.

On Crystal Endeavor’s Antarctica expeditions, expert-led Zodiacs venture into the continent’s polar waters to view glaciers and other massive landscapes, providing a sense of scale and showcasing the incredible beauty of this remote continent.

In austral summer (North American winter), there are definitely places in Antarctica where Zodiac landings take guests to step foot upon the land itself as a launch point for explorations and not only on the ice and snow.

We promised to circle back to the incredible experience of diving below the surface in a submersible. Here the Zodiac pilot gives a Thumbs Up, indicating it’s all systems go for the dive.

A lavender and blush-colored octopus is spotted moving along the sea floor during a submersible exploration in Antarctica.

Another underwater image from the submersible reveals vibrant sea sponges and starfish. How unexpected to find colors as vibrant as a tropical reef in the icy depths of Antarctica.

Wonderous creatures lurk below the waters of Antarctica including this ocellated ice fish.

There’s no better way to end Crystal Endeavor’s photo dispatch from Antarctica than with this adorable Weddell Seal, who seems to be posing for the camera.

Enjoy the only two-story, glass-enclosed Solarium exclusively on Crystal Endeavor for panoramic wildlife viewing.

Crystal Endeavor’s luxurious season of Expedition Voyages in Antarctica continue with departures through February 15, 2022, featuring free charter air and hotels, as well as $1,000 shipboard credit per person!

Up-close encounters with penguins and seals, sea kayaking, Zodiac landings and the chance to go beneath the surface in a submersible pair with Crystal’s award-winning luxury hallmarks including Michelin-level cuisine, plush suites, all-inclusive amenities and diversions including the Crystal Life Spa & Fitness Center and the only casino aboard an expedition ship.

There’s never been a better time to live your dreams!  

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