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Unexpected. Wilderness. Overland. Flightseeing. These are some of the official terms used to describe the Crystal Adventures excursions ashore set for Crystal Serenity’s second Northwest Passage voyage. Some less official – but just as applicable – terms include remarkable, astounding, and unforgettable. Certainly, just the sight of the distinctive terrain of the Arctic North can take even the most intrepid traveler’s breath away. Watery gardens of ice floes passing by your verandah as you take in the endless daylight; tundra that goes on forever; larger-than-life sea and wildlife; and the warm smiles of the local residents welcoming Crystal guests into their rare way of life – all included on the list of incredible things you’ll see.

But the previously unpassable region should not simply be explored through sight alone. With more expert-led Northwest Passage excursions than ever designed to appeal to the most adventurous Crystal guests, here’s a glimpse into the dozens of things Crystal guests can do this year in the Arctic – many brand new experiences; most not possible anywhere else in the world.

Kayaking is one of the best methods of transportation for up-close iceberg views.

Fish for the favorite local delicacy of the Northwest Territories. Arctic Char is always on the menu in the far north. A cold-water (extremely cold, in fact) relative of salmon, it boasts a milder, creamier taste and texture than its cousin, along with similar omega 3 and cholesterol benefits.

Scuba dive, Arctic style. Not only an activity for the warm and welcoming waters of the Caribbean and Australian reefs, scuba diving in the Arctic reveals a sub-aquatic world of wondrous sea life that call the icy waters home. Follow the lead of an expert diver to chilling new depths.

Set up camp on a glacier. You’ll board a chartered flightseeing transfer to the top of the earth, where you’ll spend three nights at the northernmost tip of Canada, near the Greenland Ice Sheet makes for one of the most thrilling and chilling experiences out there.

Kodiak brown bears roam the Alaskan wilderness during the summer months, and can occasionally be spotted from helicopters.

Follow the path of pioneers, with a chartered flight to the Hamlet of Gjoa Haven, located on the southeast coast of King William Island at the heart of the Northwest Passage, an integral location of the expedition of John Ross (1829-1833) and near the point at which the Franklin Expedition met its fate in 1845.

Chill out among the icebergs. There’s no more epic view of an iceberg than the one from water level right next to it. The paddling on your guided kayak adventure to get you there should help warm you up, though.

Go wild, via helicopter. As if a chartered ride in a Robinson R44 helicopter wasn’t enough of thrill, this particular chopper will carry you into the wilds of Alaska’s remote Kigluaik Mountains, tundra and valleys. It’s the perfect bird’s eye perch for spotting bears, moose, and muskoxen.

These are only a handful of the 100+ adventures carefully crafted to showcase the stunning scenery and fascinating communities throughout the Northwest Passage voyage. From impromptu opportunities for polar bear sightings to overnight immersions, don’t miss this epic journey.

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Posted on August 12, 2016