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Expect to be in Awe Aboard Crystal Expedition Cruises

There are some experiences that, no matter how much anticipation and daydreaming precedes them, nothing compares to the real deal. Crystal Endeavor’s expeditions are created to showcase the “real deal,” like the awe of exploring in the shadow of a 30,000-year-old active volcano, Zodiac “wet” landings where few others have trod, slicing and dicing the catch of the day with an expert sushi chef or searching remote bayside forests for Kamchatka brown bears. It’s difficult to imagine the feeling of diving and snorkeling along a reef that is home to 6,600 species of marine plant and animal life, perhaps greeting a rare green or loggerhead turtle swimming past.

As the anticipation builds and the countdown to her August 10, 2020 maiden voyage continues, we’re unveiling a sneak peek at the shoreside discoveries planned for her first few journeys, each designed to surpass anything you might expect.

Peak Pursuits

In Hakodate, Japan, choose to take in the marvel that is the Komagatake volcano from a canoe along Onuma and Konuma lakes or on foot along the many trails and bridges that wind through the Onuma Quasi-National Park. In the Paramushir and Atlasova Islands of the Russian Far East – considered a photographer’s dream location thanks to vast landscapes line by massive symmetrical peaks, rising up to 7,600 above sea level. Keep an eye out for Arctic foxes as your guides seek opportunities for Zodiac and kayaking adventures. In Himeji, Japan, a trek through thick forest trails takes you to Mount Shosha and the Engyoji Temple, profoundly significant for centuries but most modernly known as the filming site of “The Last Samurai.”

Mount Shosha, Himeji, Japan at Enyogji Temple in early autumn.

UNESCO Treasures

On excursions of “moderate” and “extreme” activity, explorations of some of the world’s greatest cultural, natural and architectural sites will leave you awestruck. In Shingu, Japan, see two of three shrines dedicated to the Kumano Pilgrimage tradition: Hayatama Shrine and Kumano Hongu Taisha. In Naha, Okinawa, Japan, centuries of changing rule between China, Japan and the destruction of World War II is seen at Shuri Castle. See the remarkable Yakushima World Heritage Conservation Center and learn about the substantial efforts it has made to protect the surrounding ecosystem, and visit the “White Heron” in Himeji – a 17th century castle sprawled across the hillside.

The primeval forest of Yakushima

Deep Water Discoveries

And the warm shallows, for that matter. Lizard Island and Ribbon Reef, the former nestled within the spectacular Great Barrier Reef and the latter constituting approximately 125 miles of it. Lizard Island is an ideal spot for expedition adventures that range from snorkeling and sunning along white sand beaches to rugged hikes through mangroves and acacia woodlands in search of the yellow-spotted monitor lizard. Ribbon Reef presents opportunities to dive deep into the coves, caves and canyons that house a rainbow of sea life within an isolated haven of turquoise. From Kalabahi, Indonesia, a snorkeling adventure takes you to the coastal waters of Pura Island, where the coral reefs still thrive and tropical fish dart in and out, playing hide-and-seek with visitors. You may also meet some of the local Alor tribe, who farm and fish the land.

The reef along Lizard Island is dotted with sailboats and other outdoor delights.

Throughout Crystal Endeavor’s global itineraries, the never-ending search for expedition adventures is ongoing, as Crystal Endeavor’s captain and expedition teams are continually on the lookout for the most memorable experiences in every region. Book your expedition today and start your own countdown to Crystal Endeavor!

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