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The Attention to Detail on Crystal Ships Goes Far Beyond Guest Luxuries

This Earth Day, as well as every day, we’re reminded of the tremendous privilege we have to explore the world’s most fascinating destinations and waterways – and the responsibility that comes with it. With this privilege comes the responsibility to operate with the greatest care in the communities and destinations we visit. We remain committed to being responsible corporate citizens and respecting our world’s resources and the cultures we encounter along the way.

In celebration of this important day, we are sharing just a few of the measures, programs and details that comprise our comprehensive sustainability initiatives outlined here, as well as a special message from our president and CEO, Tom Wolber found at the beginning of this new sustainable digital publication.

My fellow world travelers,

It takes a particular kind of passion to embark on life’s greatest journeys. If we are to continue following this passionate pursuit of exploring the world’s treasures, we must be equally passionate about protecting and preserving them. It is our mission as a company to always strive toward the pinnacle of excellence in every way, including our sustainable practices aboard our ships and within our corporate culture.

Through a comprehensive collection of initiatives, policies and programs, Crystal continues to make strides in offering the very best luxury travel experiences in the world in the most respectful and sustainable manner possible. This commitment extends from ship operations to communities ashore; from carefully selected partners to engaging our guests. We are honored to explore this beautiful world with you, and we take our responsibility to be mindful global citizens very seriously.

Below and via the link above, you can learn more about Crystal’s dedication to sustainability, as we reflect this Earth Day and every day on our wonderful world.

Tom Wolber

Iguaza Falls
Iguazu Falls

New luxury amenities enhance environmental consciousness. This year, we introduced a new selection of spa-like products in the luxurious suite bathrooms aboard Crystal ships. Caudalie skin and shower amenities are naturally formulated and free of parabens, phenoxyethanol, mineral oils, sodium laureth sulfate, synthetic coloring agents and animal-based ingredients (except honey and beeswax). They’re also packaged in eco-friendly plant-based plastic and/or recycled paper and will be presented in refillable dispensers on board. Other sustainable guest amenities introduced this year include disposable shower caps made from biodegradable corn, shoe cloths of responsibly farmed cotton and fully stocked wood-crafted sewing baskets upon request (in lieu of single-use kits).

Our River fleet earns Green acclaim. The four new sister ships of Crystal River Cruises have earned Green Award certification, recognizing the exceptional standards of safety and environmental security in place. The awards are decided by a panel of global maritime industry members who adhere to the foundation’s stringent environmental protocols. Each Crystal ship features a diesel-electric power plant, allowing fuel to be consumed more efficiently for propulsion and to generate electricity; advanced wastewater treatment systems; shore power connectivity and more.

Crystal Endeavor: the next generation of sustainability. From environmentally friendly lubricants used on thrusters and a diesel electric power plant and shore power connectivity to offshore dynamic positioning capabilities utilizing GPS and thrusters to avoid dropping anchor in delicate areas, some of our upcoming expedition ship’s most important features are largely not visible.

Crystal has partnered with ORCA, a leading marine conservation organization. Crystal is proud to have partnered with ORCA, an organization dedicated to the protection of whales, dolphins and porpoises. ORCA wildlife experts boarded Crystal Symphony to train Crystal’s bridge crew in protocol for collecting scientific data about the animals’ behavior as well as best conservation practices. Following the training, Crystal continues to support ORCA’s research and preservation efforts, passing along data collected on its global itineraries to the organization’s expert team as part of the ORCA OceanWatch program.

Reusing towels on board saves nearly 650,000 gallons of water each year. Rehanging the towels in suite bathrooms signals to room attendants that guests will reuse them, reducing the number of washes necessary. Fleetwide, this small gesture makes a great impact on our water conservation.

Efficient fixtures make a big difference. Water is at the heart of our global explorations, so we take great care to use it efficiently and keep it clean. All guest rooms feature low-flow showerheads that reduce water consumption by 50 percent, while eco-friendly water filtration systems make still and sparkling drinking water in all dining venues replacing plastic bottled water.

ALL plastic drinking straws are banned. This latest measure taken in our efforts to minimize the use of plastics on board – combined with reusable cloth laundry and dry-cleaning bags in guest suites and the water filtration systems – reduces the presence of plastic aboard all Crystal ships.

Wherever in the world we sail, we are grateful to explore this wonderful world with the Crystal Family, and pledge to continue doing so in the most careful and responsible manner. Learn more about Crystal’s Sustainability Initiatives and how you can make a difference.

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