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The 10 Most Instagrammable Sights in Bermuda

Bermuda’s legendary beauty is so vast and varied that it can be difficult to put into words. Perhaps Mark Twain captured it best when he reportedly said, “You can go to Heaven if you like. I’ll stay right here in Bermuda.”

Clear aquamarine waters and blush-colored beaches, dramatic rocky outcroppings and hidden caves and coves make Bermuda a photographer’s dream. It’s hard to grasp how this small island nation can hold so many natural wonders and historic treasures within just 21 idyllic square miles.

The good news is that the stunning locations that follow are just the beginning of the delights that await in Bermuda, so be sure to have your camera ready to capture the magic of this little slice of heaven on earth.

Horseshoe Bay – This curving pink crescent of sand is Bermuda’s most popular beach and arguably one of the world’s finest, having been voted among the World’s Top 25 Beaches by the readers of Condé Nast Traveler in 2020. The sand gets its pink color from the tiny shell of a red organism called foraminifera which lives beneath the coral reefs that line the coast. Shells from foraminifera mix with other crushed shells to form the famous pink sands for which Bermuda’s South Shore beaches are known. Explore the spectacular rock formations on the beach to capture photos of hidden caves and secluded coves.

The Bermuda Railway Trail – Whether hiking or biking, the Bermuda Railway Trail is a fantastic way to explore Bermuda end to end. Built along the original railway lines, the trail stretches 18 miles and spans the entire length of the island providing non-stop views. Maintained by the park service, the trail is conveniently divided into nine sections allowing visitors to start at either end or from various points along the way. Be sure to allow time for taking photos as you encounter panoramic ocean views, intimate coves and beaches, and lush foliage and flowers that line the trail’s path.

Unfinished Church – The romantic ruins of the Unfinished Church offer a beautiful photography opportunity and relic of the past in the historic town of St. George. Construction on the church began in 1874 when a hurricane ravaged St. Peter’s Church and it was thought to be beyond repair. Arguments between parishioners and a lack of funds for reconstruction led the project to be abandoned, however, the elegant outlines of this magnificent neo-gothic beauty still stand to offer a dramatic snapshot of the island’s past.

Crystal Caves – In the spring of 1907, two boys were playing cricket when an errant ball led them to notice a hole in the ground that was emitting air from beneath the surface. Digging led to a miraculous discovery and now Bermuda’s magnificent Crystal Caves are one of the island’s most popular attractions. Walking through the caves showcases an otherworldly beauty as a ceiling of dazzling stalactites and tubular “soda straw” formations glisten overhead. Azure pools below reveal rock formations that seem just beneath the surface but are actually tens of feet below, appearing much closer due to the waters’ incredible clarity. After exploring the caves, walk the surrounding lush sub-tropical gardens for beautiful island flora.

Gibbs Hill Lighthouse –Built in 1846 of cast iron, Gibbs Hill is the oldest lighthouse of its kind in the world. While Gibbs Hill is not exceedingly tall by lighthouse standards, the hill it stands upon is one of the highest points in Bermuda providing outstanding views. From the base of the lighthouse photographers can shoot dramatic photos skyward or climb the 185-step spiral staircase to enjoy incredible panoramas including Bermuda’s South Shore and Little Sound, as well as the City of Hamilton and the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Royal Naval Dockyard – A symbol of British military power for more than 150 years when Bermuda was known as the Gibraltar of the West, the Royal Naval Dockyard is now one of the island’s most popular spots for visitors and one of the most fascinating for photographers.

Anchoring the island’s West End, the Royal Naval Dockyard brims with photo opportunities including the majestic clocktowers of Clocktower Mall, built in the former administration building of the British Royal Navy, and the Keep, the island’s largest fortification boasting massive ramparts and bastions set against a spectacular blue sea.

Walk the historic grounds for a variety of different vantage points and do not miss the history, artifacts and spectacular views to be found at the Commissioners House or the fun of posing for photos in the iconic red telephone boxes found on the grounds.

Tobacco Bay Beach – Located in St. George’s Parish, beautiful Tobacco Bay is one of Bermuda’s most beloved beaches and a National Park famed for its towering limestone rock formations. In 1609, when the Sea Venture shipwrecked on Bermuda’s reef, castaways found tobacco growing wild and named the area Tobacco Bay. Today the tobacco is gone, but what remains is an expanse of shallow, crystal-clear water perfect for snorkeling and spotting blue parrotfish, grouper, angel fish, sergeant majors and more. The sun-dappled waters and sculptural rock formations make for gorgeous photo compositions, while beneath the water colorful fish are ready for their close up.

Historic St. George – Recognized as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the charming historic Town of St. George dates back to 1607 and Bermuda’s beginnings as an English colony. The well-preserved town and fort are a trove of British colonial architecture including cobbled lanes and pastel, candy-colored buildings. Be sure to explore St. Peter’s Church, the oldest Anglican church in continuous use outside of the British Isles.

Jobson’s Cove – A secluded slice of island paradise awaits in Jobson’s Cove where jagged, encircling rock formations create a protected and idyllic lagoon with calm waters perfect for snorkeling or just relaxing. Part of South Shore Park, Jobson’s Cove is also connected to some of Bermuda’s best beaches by a trail that runs through the dunes behind the cove. Walk east of the cove to visit Warwick Long Bay or head west to explore Stonehole Bay, Chaplin Bay and Horseshoe Bay.

Crystal Symphony – The best address in any port of call, the stylish Crystal Symphony is always camera ready, with the ship’s iconic Promenade Desk showcasing spectacular ocean-view backdrops from dawn to dusk to frame your next picture perfect adventure.

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