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Látrabjarg Cliffs Iceland

Crystal Endeavor’s Expeditions through the Arctic will Fill Your Camera Roll with Wonders

Photographers both expert and novice will find themselves busy clicking and snapping away while exploring Iceland. The country earns its nickname as the “land of fire and ice” with volcanic peaks rising mere feet from glacier-filled seas and soothing hot springs bubbling up from frozen ground and, more figuratively, with some of the warmest hospitality set a stone’s throw from the Arctic Circle. Crystal Endeavor’s newly announced Luxury Iceland Expeditions set sail through this majestic region this July, promising one photogenic moment after another. Here, there are not only places and landmarks worthy of sharing with social media friends and followers, but some perfectly wild encounters and experiences you’ll definitely want to capture.

We’re sharing our top 10 most Instagrammable sites and sights awaiting you in Iceland, but this list is only the beginning. Prepare to fill your feed with some of your most incredible journeys to date aboard Crystal’s first expedition voyages. (Slideshow for inspiration).

  • Dynjandi Waterfalls Iceland

Dynjandi Falls – Cascading in multiple levels like a powerful veil down a cliff, Dynjandi Falls (also known as Fjallfoss) is called the “Jewel of the Westfjords.” It’s fed by glacial melt, flowing into six other waterfalls farther down the remote mountainside, all of which are surrounded by trails and stunning views.

Blue Lagoon – Easily one of Iceland’s most iconic photo ops and located just outside of Crystal Endeavor’s home port of Reykjavík, the Blue Lagoon is a spectacular sight to behold. Vibrantly pale blue water steaming up from the earth, heated by the tectonic clash of sea water, fresh water and extreme heat and pressure. No Instagram image can capture the enriching and nourishing benefits of a dip in the mineral-rich water, so be sure to include those dreamy details in the caption.

Seyđisfjörđur – Think: color. This tiny town nestled deep inside a mountain-walled fjord is overflowing with colors from both man and Mother Nature. Capture the lush green pastures where reindeer roam and gleaming white waterfalls against the cliffs, then snap some photos of the town’s rainbow-stone walkways and vibrant art scene.

Grímsey Island – Just above 66.5° latitude, this is Iceland’s only land mass that officially crosses into the Arctic Circle. It’s wild up here, with massive colonies of sea birds reigning over the green tundra and coastal bluffs. Have your camera at the ready for spotting kittiwakes, puffins and the rare dovekie.

Húsavík – Northern Iceland’s oldest settlement – roughly 1,200 years old – is a photo op unto itself, with geothermal wonders, waterfalls and lovely Lake Mývatn nearby. But it’s the moving images of the more than 23 whale species that teem in Skjálfandi Bay that will fill Insta-stories and feed. Considered Iceland’s whale-watching capital, this is where you’ll find humpbacks, seis, minkes, orcas and more.

Látrabjarg Cliffs – Puffins, gannets, guillemots and razorbills congregate by the millions here on the rugged cliffs of the Westfjords. Top photogenic honors go to the colorful, comical puffins, often seen with a short stack of sardines balanced in their beaks. It’s the puffin version of bringing home the bacon for your family. Always observing from a respectful distance, make sure your camera is set for zoom.

Rauðasandur Beach – Also known as “Red Sands Beach,” this remote stretch of gravelly sand differs from most beaches in Iceland, which are largely black. Thanks to pulverized scallop shells mixed with the rocks here, the sand hues reflect golden to pink and even red, depending on the light.

Þingvellir National Park – One of Iceland’s three UNESCO World Heritage Sites and the only one on the country’s mainland, Þingvellir National Park offers a multitude of wonders worth capturing. It’s part of the famous Golden Circle and was originally settled by Norse in the 9th century, now spanning two continents and brimming with geological and natural beauty.

Bridge Between Two Continents – While the bridge itself is not visually remarkable, its geographical and topographical significance is massive. The bridge spans the continental divide between Eurasia and North America created by the tectonic rift, symbolizing the connection between the two lands.

Crystal Endeavor – Your polar-class home away from home for your expeditions through Iceland, this groundbreaking ship is photo-ready at every turn. Create a full slideshow of your elegant suite, the star-filled night sky through the two-story Solarium, foodie images from Nubu’s Umi Uma, your morning yoga session in the Fitness Center and all the new Crystal memories you’ve been longing to make.

Crystal Endeavor’s 10-night Luxury Iceland Expeditions set sail July 17. Plan the journey of a lifetime aboard the newest member of the award-winning Crystal fleet, and don’t forget to post your pics and use the hashtag #CrystalFamily to share the memories.

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