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Crystal Serenity is approximately halfway through her historic 32-day voyage through the Northwest Passage to New York City, but already, the adventurous guests on board have seen, tasted, learned about and experienced things that will remain with them for a lifetime. As the ship is nearly through the previously “impassable” Arctic region, it’s a good time for reflection on the impact of these experiences. Even the seasoned expert guides – all of whom boast years of expedition experience and have most certainly been there, done that in most regions of the world – are left in awe. As expedition team member Emily Woods continues on this journey, she, like many guests on board, takes a moment to appreciate the wonders of the Arctic encounters.

What Emily captures in words, videographer Kevin Freeney captures on camera (with some expert drone assistance from Crystal I.T. Officer Herman Oosthuizen). And while it’s virtually impossible to depict the true wonder of the experience, the video below satisfies our imaginations’ appetite for the next adventure.

By Emily Woods

After a full afternoon of Polar bears and ice, it’d be difficult to not find something inspiring to put onto paper. Due to the efforts of Stevie, our Inuit guide, aided in no small part by the expedition and bridge team; we were able to enjoy hours of wildlife unexpected and beyond appreciated. A mother with cubs…a healthy male on the prowl…ice all around…what more could a polar adventurer ask for?

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Posted on November 12, 2014

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  1. Kathleen Kelleher
    2 years ago

    Awesome video!

    2 years ago


  3. Perry Picoriello
    2 years ago


  4. Juanita Furtado
    2 years ago

    Breathtaking video! What an epic adventure for passengers and crew! Thank you videographers and special shout to the drone pilot. 5?

  5. Sallie Paulson
    2 years ago

    An experience unlike anything else! The exploration team is incredible, daily lecturers by the top in their field and let’s not forget those welcomed zodiac drivers arriving with hot chocolate while we sight see. Only Crystal could and does deliver all this and so much more.

  6. Corinne [Blog Escale Croisiere]
    2 years ago

    So beautiful !


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