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Today, Earth Day. Tomorrow, the World.

Crystal Symphony sailing from Cape Town

What’s most amazing about many of the destinations we visit on our worldwide luxury voyages is the differences – the characteristics of the cultures, terrain, history and landscapes that distinguish each from the other. Those differences are often what broaden our horizons as travelers and lead us adventurously outside of our “boxes.” It is our ultimate pleasure to share these adventures with you as we discover and celebrate these differences together.

Honolulu's beaches are surrounding by lush flora.
Honolulu’s beaches are surrounding by lush flora.

However, today, on Earth Day, we’re focusing on the one common denominator that is shared among every single locale on every single Crystal sailing, from the ancient ruins and modern fashions in Italy to the rugged terrain and untouched beauty of Iceland: this spectacular earth.

Through our “You Care. We Care.” shore excursion program, we offer dozens of complimentary Crystal Adventures ashore that allow travelers to volunteer and give back to the communities we visit. Here are some of the “You Care. We Care.” excursions that allow you to continue the spirit of Earth Day as you sail the world with us, by learning about and helping preserve the environment:

Crystal guests helping with beach cleanup on a "You Care. We Care." Crystal Adventure
Crystal guests helping with beach cleanup on a “You Care. We Care.” Crystal Adventure

Volunteering at Fort Stevens State Park (Astoria, Oregon) – An active military base until the end of World War II, this state park now boasts natural and cultural treasures for visitors from around the world. You’ll assist with the cleaning and maintenance that are ongoing and needed to preserve the beauty of the park’s natural habitats.

Weeding & Learning at Makapu’u Beach (Honolulu, Hawaii) – Learn about and assist with the conservation efforts of the native coastal plants on the island.

Volunteering at Sitka Sound Science Center (Sitka, Alaska)At this non-profit facility dedicated to attaining a better understanding of Alaska’s unique aquatic ecosystems, you’ll learn about the rich marine environment of Southeast Alaska and assist with the operation and daily maintenance of the hatchery and marine life exhibits.

Crystal guests helping tend to the local landscapes during a "You Care. We Care." Crystal Adventures.
Crystal guests helping tend to the local landscapes during a “You Care. We Care.” Crystal Adventures.

Protecting World Class Gardens at Mount Stewart (Belfast, Ireland) – At the historic Mount Stewart House & Gardens, you will assist the groundskeepers in removing invasive plant species, helping to ensure the garden’s vigor and beauty for generations to come.

Heidmork Natural Reserve & Tree Planting (Reykjavik, Iceland) – Help with the ongoing tree planting efforts in this formerly barren, volcanic terrain, which has been rooted (no pun intended) with more than four million trees since the 1950’s.

Regardless of where we travel, we are touched in some way by the places we visit. We encourage you to leave your mark on this world we sail by making it better in any way you can, and we look forward to exploring the earth with you, any day.

Crystal Adventures “You Care. We Care.” excursions can be pre-reserved online upon final booking confirmation through our Priority Check-in and Planning Center.


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Posted on March 1, 2017

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