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Yachts in Capri, Italy

This Idyllic Island is a Star of the Amalfi Coast

Like many of the A-list celebrities and jet-setting elite who flock to its picturesque shores, Capri is always ready for a close-up. Look in any direction here and you’ll be treated to beauty that could only be staged by the world’s preeminent movie producers – or Mother Nature herself. The drama begins with towering cliffs rising from the glimmering blue Adriatic, then continues through the postcard-perfect avenues, adorned with wisteria- and bougainvillea-covered buildings. This island just off the Amalfi Coast is the go-to spot for glamourous getaways for a reason, but also offers plenty of historically and naturally enriching pursuits that prove it’s not just a pretty face.

Here, we’re highlighting a few of the reasons Capri should top any traveler’s must-see list.

Yacht life rules here. Admittedly, we think that voyages aboard Crystal Esprit are spectacular pretty much anywhere, but Capri seems to be made especially for the boutique yachting lifestyle. Sailboats, yachts and small vessels are right at home in the crystalline water here, and the kayaks, paddle boards and other water toys found in the private marina on board offer excellent ways to explore the many sea caves and crannies that hide among the majestic cliffs. Shades of emerald, turquoise and deep blue shift beneath you as you float or swim along, contrasting perfectly with the golden rays of sun.

Natural beauty is always on trend. For all of its cache among the most fashionable folks, Capri’s charm lies in its natural beauty. Environmental treasures like the luminescent Blue Grotto, glowing blue from beneath the sea; the iconic Faraglioni rock formations jutting out of the sea; and the Giardini di Augusto, lush with Mediterranean blooms, fountains and trees. Even human creations here are enhanced by nature’s bounty, evident in the draping flower vines that cover shops, restaurants and homes in vibrant hues of fuchsia, red and purple.

It’s the peak of photo ops. Yes, every view in every direction on Capri is a photograph waiting to be captured. But even here, there is a spot where photogenic moments outdo all others. Whether you choose to embark on the hiking path that begins in Anacapri or take the less strenuous chairlift to the top, the peak of Monte Solaro will take your breath away. Surrounding your vantage point is more of the blossoming beauty that thrives here, and beyond lie views that stretch all the way to the Bay of Naples and Sorrento, with the Faraglioni rocks and yachts dotting the sea in the foreground. Make sure there’s room on your camera roll for this one.

La dolce vita is alive and well here. It is, after all, Italy. Life’s most delightful pursuits are found in abundance on Capri. In Piazza Umberto 1 – affectionately known as Piazzetta – it’s always a good time for dining, drinking and people watching. This is the heart of Capri Town, where night life and the good life collide and the promenades are like a catwalk of fashion. For actual fashion, head to Via Camerelle, where Louis Vuitton and Valentino mingle with local upscale boutiques.

It’s delicious, from day to night. Just a stone’s throw from Naples, the birthplace of pizza, Capri is a hub for the perfect pie, again proving that even the simplest pleasures are just a bit more perfect in Capri. It’s also and naturally ideal spot for seafood and home to the caprese salad, which is served in every corner bistro and always a light and refreshing option. Of course, gelato is also always available for cool breaks on sun-drenched days, but Capri’s most famous dessert is decadently rich flourless chocolate cake. To fully experience Capri’s culinary character, we recommend trying it all.

Crystal invites travelers to plan to explore Capri aboard Crystal Esprit with added flexibility as we look ahead to sailing together again.

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