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On Sea Days, Refresh, Rejuvenate, Repeat

Special guest blogger Matt Long of has dedicated his career to finding the best travel experiences in the world and sharing them with his readers. Aboard a recent Crystal Serenity voyage, he perfected the art of finding sea-day bliss.

Depending on the length of a cruise, there is usually at least one day at sea. Whether transitioning from one port to the next or part of a longer sailing, I always look forward to days at sea as a way to relax and explore more of the ship. I recently enjoyed my first Crystal Cruises experience onboard the newly refurbished Crystal Serenity and couldn’t wait for the full day spent at sea as the perfect opportunity to enjoy everything that the ship has to offer.

Photos captured during Matt’s Crystal Serenity voyage:

  • Courtesy of Matt Long

Sleeping in is not a luxury I often get to enjoy at home, which is why that was my first goal on the sea day. It may not sound like a lot, but the ability to slowly wake up and enjoy the benefits of my stateroom was the ideal way to start my perfect day onboard Crystal Serenity. I had chatted with my butler the night before, and he helped me fine-tune everything I wanted to do, starting with a leisurely breakfast in bed. There’s nothing better than enjoying a beautifully prepared made-to-order breakfast while still in a bathrobe, and with the sparkling waters of the Pacific as my view, it perfectly set the stage for the rest of the day.

Food was actually an important part of my entire trip, and not just the day spent at sea. Whether it’s Michelin-restaurant inspired menus or grabbing a quick bite at the Bistro, the options were expansive and all delicious. After spending some time lounging by the pool and enjoying a couple piña coladas, I ambled over to my favorite spot onboard to grab a quick bite, the Trident Grill. Many cruise ships feature a poolside grill of somewhat, but Trident is the best version of this casual eatery I’ve experienced so far. With plenty of options from the traditional burger to lighter bites like a chicken wrap, the made-to-order food is delicious and prepared quickly. Even better, it’s adjacent to Scoops ice cream bar, making this the one-stop shop for my mid-day needs.

I did a lot more than just eat my way around the ship of course, and an important spot for me on the sea-day was the luxurious spa. I love spending time in a spa, whether at a hotel, resort or cruise ship. For me it’s about so much more than just getting a massage, it’s the entire experience that makes the difference, and that’s especially true at the Feng Shui-inspired Crystal Life Spa. Arriving early, I slowly immersed myself into the experience by relaxing in the steam room before hanging out for a while in the canopied relaxation area. When it finally came time for my expertly administered treatment, my mind was already far away in a state of pure and total contentment.

Joining a rousing trivia game, watching a movie, reading by the pool and enjoying after-dinner entertainment – these were important hallmarks of my fun-filled day at sea and they all point to one fact; I was completely and totally at peace. For a fairly active Type-A traveler, that’s a rarity and it completely transformed my trip. I needed that day, I needed not to go ashore and explore. I may not have realized it at the time, but I needed a day to spend taking care of myself, with a lot of help from the incredible crew members onboard Crystal Serenity.

The day at sea also highlighted an important aspect of the Crystal experience, just how very personalized it is. With an incredibly low crew-guest ratio, the effect is a voyage that feels personally tailored and bespoke. In an age of mega-cruises and over-tourism, that’s a remarkable feat to achieve, but ultimately is what makes the Crystal cruise experience so very special.

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