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What to Pack, What’s Included

The journeys ahead aboard Crystal Endeavor are designed to take travelers beyond paths beaten by them and, in many cases, most others on the planet. By this very nature, guests will encounter experiences and environments they may not have before, amounting to some of the most awe-striking moments to ever grace their camera rolls. Such adventures can also take travelers out of their packing comfort zones.   

To help you plan and pack, the Crystal team has thought of all the details. The comprehensive gear guides provided on the Crystal website carefully lay out what you’ll need for each individual voyage based on average climate and type of activities in those regions. And in all cases, Crystal provides some of the essentials complimentarily – either to keep or for use while on board – to get you started.

FOR COLD WEATHER climates, like the Antarctic Peninsula, Iceland and the Norwegian Fjords, complimentary gear includes a 2-in-1 waterproof shell and removeable inner jacket and beanie to keep, plus waterproof, knee-high insulated boots and trekking poles for use during the voyage.

Take note: Average January temperatures on the Antarctic Peninsula range from 33 to 35 degrees Fahrenheit; March temperatures for Campbell Island from 38 to 45 degrees; and September temperatures in Tromsø, Norway from 45 to 51 degrees.

Our expedition experts have further broken down packing and layering tips for these remote regions where wind chills can reduce temperatures by several degrees. Warm base layers can help with moisture control, while a second insulation layer creates and traps warmth against the body. Water- and wind-proof outer layers will protect against the elements such as waterproof walking pants, but make sure these are made of breathable fabric to help keep your core temperature regulated. And don’t forget accessories – hat, gloves, eye protection and hiking boots – to cover you head to toe!

FOR TEMPERATE CLIMATES, like Bordeaux and Basque country and Africa’s Gold Coast, complimentary gear includes an ultra-light, breathable windbreaker to keep and waterproof, knee-high insulated boots and trekking poles for use during the voyage.

Take note: September temperatures in Bordeaux can range from 55 to 75 degrees; April temperatures in Cape Town average in the mid-70’s.

FOR HOT CLIMATES, like the Darien Jungle and Lima and the tropical jungles of Jamaica, where multi-layered gear focuses more on sunscreen than down parkas, you’ll be provided trekking poles and a snorkel, mask and fins to use during the voyage.

The expedition experts’ tips for staying cool in hot, humid climates include long sleeves (yes, LONG sleeves) of breathable fabric with UPF sun protection, a wide-brimmed hat to shield your neck and face, loose-fitting shorts with moisture-wicking fabric and sun-protective accessories (think polarized sunglasses and ample sunblock that’s easy to reapply).

Take note: October daily high temperatures in Panama can exceed 85 degrees, with Caribbean water temperatures regularly hovering around 80 degrees.

All Crystal Endeavor voyages include a refillable water bottle to keep and use during your journey, helping to keep you hydrated while on an adventure and reducing the use of plastic containers. For any gear needs that arise beyond the included pieces, Crystal’s partners at Ship to Shore Traveler have curated the ultimate gear list and resource to completely outfit you for all climates the expedition ship will navigate. Think of this as your one-stop shop for all things Crystal Endeavor preparation. Then, all you need to remember is your camera.

Expert Tip: Collapsible trekking poles are a practical tool. Collapse the poles and pack them into your backpack so your hands are free when you are getting in and out of zodiacs.

Crystal Endeavor’s inaugural season kicks off with five 10-night Luxury Iceland Expeditions starting on July 17, 2021. Plan the journey of a lifetime aboard the newest member of the award-winning Crystal fleet, and don’t forget to post your pics and use the hashtag #CrystalFamily to share the memories.

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Posted on October 15, 2019

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