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Torres del Paine National Park

Hundreds of Destinations. Thousands of Experiences. Dozens of Brand New Adventures.

Our land programs team has the enviable task of finding the most fascinating sites and experiences possible in every destination Crystal visits around the world, then creating the very best ways for you to discover them. They approach this mission with vigor and passion and the resulting Crystal Destination Discoveries (formerly known as Crystal Adventures) unveiled each year are proof.  One adventure does not fit all. Our team is committed to creating experiences that speak to the individual styles and interests of our guests.

Do you crave adrenaline rushes or are you all leisure, all the time? Are dining and drinking your favorite ways to learn about a culture, or would you rather trace its history to the very beginning? Art museums or outdoor adventures? Wildlife or historical world wonders? Multi-day Overland Adventures or half-day experiences that allow time for afternoon tea in Palm Court? With Crystal Cruises, the answer is yes.

For 2019, our team has been busy as usual, planning nearly 2,000 Crystal Destination Discoveries. Dozens of them are brand new, adding thrills, intrigue and flavor to your travels this year. Here are 10 of the many “can’t-miss” new excursions in store:

1) Two nights exploring the treetops, caves and wines of the Margaret River from Albany, Australia, during an Overland Adventure that showcases the underground wonders and renowned flavors of the region.

2) Sunset yoga in Malta, incorporating modern and traditional forms of this ancient practice on Manoel Island, just 20 minutes from the pier in Valletta.

Valletta, Malta
Valletta, Malta – St. Paul’s Cathedral in golden hour at Malta’s capital city Valletta is visible from Manoel Island.

3) Mountain biking through Paphos, where the trails offer close-up perspectives of historic churches, villages and traditions in the Cyprus countryside.

4) Rare visit to the penguin colonies of Falkland Islands, where the thousands of Gentoo, rockhopper and other penguin species populate the highly protected shores.

Falkland Islands Penguins
Falkland Islands penguins strut across the expanse (photo courtesy Joe Kita)

5) Evening of wine tasting and jazz in Buenos Aires, complete with transfers via a vintage collector’s car to the heart of the city.

6) Diving exploration in the Gulf of Argolis from Navplion, Greece, where you’ll reach 18, 20 or 30 meters deep on an underwater quest.

7) Two-night Overland Adventure exploring Patagonia, including the massive ice sheets of Torres del Paine National Park, Grey Glacier, the cascading Salto Grande Waterfall and the charm of Punta Arenas.

Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile. Grey glacier.
Torres Del Paine National Park, Chile. Grey glacier.

8) Horseback riding on Easter Island, where you’ll visit the Ahu Akivi archaeological site and explore the east and west coasts.

9) “Art by Air,” taking you by helicopter over Gibbs Farm sculpture park in the hills of New Zealand, and also showcasing works in three gardens and six distinct galleries. A wine-paired lunch at Rothko rounds out the adventure in creativity.

Portofino, Italy
Portofino village in little bay harbor. Liguria, Italy

10) Kayaking in Portofino Bay, beginning in Paraggi’s bay, then paddling on to Portofino’s small harbor where Ligurian fishermen keep their boats, and Olivetta beach and Portofino’s lighthouse.

Crystal Destination Discoveries are designed to captivate inquisitive travelers and expand your understanding and appreciation of the world. What adventure calls to you in 2019?

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