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In 2018, Crystal will continue our quest to take guests to new locales that reach the far corners of the world, including several maiden calls. Like the rest of its Tasmanian and greater Australian neighbors, one of these yet-to-be-discovered destinations is famous for its unique wildlife. Burnie, Australia is home to hundreds of charming creatures, including the region’s beloved koalas and kangaroos, as well as families of platypus and Fairy Penguins (these are the world’s smallest species of penguin and precisely as adorable as you’d expect).

Koalas rank among the cutest Tasmanian residents, if not the most innovative of Burnie’s thriving industrial scene.

You’ll see these and many other animals indigenous to the northwest coast of Tasmania aboard Crystal Symphony’s “Southern Australia & Tasmania” voyage, departing February 5, but it’s the people of Burnie who really make the town the artisan haven it’s known to be. In fact, Burnie is famously the “city of makers,” boasting a proud heritage of craftsmanship and homegrown specialties that are known worldwide for their artistry and flavor. Juxtaposed with the surrounding untamed Tasmanian brush, Burnie’s creative industries give the town a hand-made ambiance, that welcomes travelers to indulge in its wares.

During Crystal’s maiden call to Burnie, you’ll witness the innovative spirit that has produced the town’s signature treasures. Creative Paper, Australia’s largest handmade paper mill, is home to a dedicated team of artists who utilize ancient techniques and a variety of materials in a modern factory setting to create exquisite products, while the Maker’s Workshop showcases masterpieces of all kinds from local artists and farmers. A visit to the Maker’s Workshop is a comprehensive treat for the senses, as you marvel at each work more than the last, stopping to savor the flavors of locally crafted cheeses and other delicacies along the way.

Also on the list of remarkable things painstakingly crafted by the residents of Burnie: world-class single-malt whisky. Australia’s largest single-malt whisky distillery, Hellyers Road, is locally owned and managed in Burnie, famous for using the finest ingredients, right down to the water sourced from the Tasmanian wilderness. Your exploration of Burnie offers a chance to immerse yourself in the operations of this impressive facility, where you’ll feel the ingredients, take in the aroma of the latest batch and observe the inner workings of production. Of course, the only way to fully appreciate the skill and quality involved in the process is to sample the final product, which will add a special kick to your experience.

At every turn in Burnie, you’ll encounter the warmth of the residents and the pride of the town’s history of creating – from farmers to distillers; jewelry makers to saddle makers. There is creativity and beauty throughout the destination, and you won’t want to miss it.

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