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There’s a World of Adventure… and Advice Out There

Picture this: You, sitting at your laptop brilliantly mastering your daily grind but imagining yourself elsewhere. The top of a mountain in Norway, discovering the secrets of Petra, tiptoeing through the tulips in Holland. These days, travel podcasts are an excellent – and entertaining – resource to inspire your wanderlust and inform your choices about where to go and what to do once you’re there. Multi-continental flights, layovers, and blissful days at sea all lend themselves beautifully to tuning in for tips and tales from your favorite travel experts.

And experts they are. Dozens (likely more) of the world’s great travel authorities share their wisdom from the road, air and sea in weekly episodes that appeal to virtually every type of wanderer out there. There are podcasts dedicated to travel for art lovers, budget travel, entrepreneurial travel (it’s a thing), adrenaline rushing travel, foodie travel and so much more. Here, we’ve curated a starting point for your podcast listening pleasure.

Amateur Traveler – Start here. This podcast is hosted by amateur-turned-professional traveler Chris Christensen and dedicated to the destinations themselves, with each episode presented as an in-depth location guide, complete with location expert interviews and what to do and expect in each locale. More than 500 episodes mean you can dive in to wherever in the world your curiosities take you.


National Geographic Weekend – Perhaps the most revered source of historical context and intrepid experiences around the world, National Geographic takes its considerable clout to the airwaves. Legendary journalist Boyd Matson hosts a fascinating blend of expeditions, science, beautiful travel destinations, and cultural quirks and traditions you’ll find along your journeys. From interviews with Jane Goodall to kayaking off waterfalls and “how to” hitchhike around the world, you’ll learn about things you didn’t even realize you were curious about.


Travel Today with Peter Greenberg – Peter is constantly on the move, and constantly sharing his travel experiences with the world. His travel-focused radio show has been a mainstay of the airwaves for years and Peter routinely brings his best stories to TV screens across America. His podcast is an expansion of his deep insider knowledge, which will educate even the savviest travelers with tips and lesser-known insights.


Travel Talks with Rick Steves – Another revered travel guru, Rick’s guidebooks are considered the gold standard of travel advice, and his podcasts take this valuable info and blend it with his affable and engaging manner. He frequently taps local experts in many destinations for their perspectives on “Travel Talks,” while his “Audio Tours” focus on what to do, eat, see, expect in specific locations.


These travel podcasts can get you started planning your next great journey, and Crystal is delighted to take you on the adventure.

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