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Welcome to the Crystal Insider™, a blog of luxury travel and adventure and winner of the Magellan Gold Award, dedicated to taking you, discerning world-travelers, on an exclusive journey into the world of Crystal.

Here is where you can seek new, uncharted destinations to inspire you, or reasons to relish your next Crystal Experience™ in a favorite locale. Here is where we encourage you to nurture your wanderlust with insights from our global experts, highlights of upcoming adventures and the most current Crystal news. Here, there are no velvet ropes as we take you “inside,” just well-appointed high adventure wrapped in luxury.

While you dream and plan your next Crystal vacation – will it be an elegant journey to the four corners of the world on a luxury ocean ship or a monumental exploration of Europe’s grandest sites aboard a river vessel, or a serene island getaway aboard an intimate yacht? – the “Crystal Insider” will be your resource for globetrotting tips, imagery and all-around extraordinary glimpses into this endlessly remarkable world.

The Crystal Fleet: Sea to Sky – Our rapidly expanding fleet will meet virtually any travel wish you can dream up, whether a yacht or jet experience, relaxing river voyage, intrepid expeditions or classic luxury on the open sea.

Onboard Pursuits – Luxurious delights that make time spent aboard Crystal vessels some of the very best parts of any dream vacation.

Gallivanting the Globe – Where’s your next new favorite place? You don’t have to choose just one, but posts about our innovative worldwide itineraries might help you narrow it down.

Crystal Adventures – What awaits you ashore with Crystal Adventures expertly crafted to take you into the heart of not only new destinations, but new cultures.