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Crystal River Cruises: We’re as Thrilled as You Are!

“At last, a luxury option for river cruises.”

“Now I can FINALLY take a river cruise!! YAY.”

“Can’t wait! Have been wanting to take a river cruise, now we can!”

“Can’t wait for Dec. 1 to book my first river cruise!”

Excitement has been building since last month’s announcement about the huge expansion on Crystal’s horizon; and this week’s news of the launch of Crystal River Cruises has generated even more buzz among our loyal and soon-to-be guests on the social media front. We share your excitement and assure you that the feeling is mutual: We cannot wait to welcome guests aboard the elegant river yachts that will sail some of Europe’s most spectacular waterways beginning in March 2017!

The launch of Crystal River Cruises is truly the result of listening to what you — our savvy, globetrotting guests — want, and then taking steps to grant your wishes. We value not only your business but also your input and shared experiences, as those are what help us continue to grow and reach new ends of the earth.

Artist's rendering of a Crystal River Cruises guest suite
Artist’s rendering of a Crystal River Cruises guest suite

With such a vast scope of upcoming offerings for travelers to explore the world in Crystal’s unparalleled standard of luxury, there is much to look forward to over the next few years. As we begin to count down the months until the first of these exceptional river yachts sets sail, we share some of the top experiences and amenities featured on Crystal River Cruises.

Plush guest suites, which will measure a spacious 250 square feet and feature walk-in wardrobes, American king-size beds (extremely rare on river-going vessels), and bathrooms with double vanities. Two ultra-luxurious, 500-square-foot Penthouse Suites offer added comforts and conveniences.

Tulip season in the Netherlands, which will be underway when the first river yacht embarks in spring 2017. In fact, Crystal River Cruises will offer guests front-row access to special events and the charm of daily life in some of the most picturesque locales throughout Belgium, France, Germany, Switzerland, Croatia, Slovakia, and many other historic spots.

Night city view of Amsterdam canal and bridge (Photo by ©Olgacov|
A canal in Amsterdam
(Photo by ©Olgacov|

More nightlife, as the river yachts will spend more overnights and time sailing during the day, affording opportunities for Michelin-star dining experiences and exclusive evening entertainment.

More daylight — on the water, that is — as Crystal River Cruises itineraries highlight the rivers and their stunning surroundings as destinations unto themselves, allowing guests to enjoy the picturesque views.

The Crystal Experience. Because no Crystal vessel would be complete without our signature, all-inclusive, six-star service, plus extraordinary cuisine and spacious public areas, including Palm Court, with its dance floor and glass-domed roof, and an indulgent fitness center and spa.

Itineraries, fares, and bookings for Crystal River Cruises will be available on December 1, 2015, so you can start looking forward….


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  1. Robyn Rands
    6 years ago

    We are big fans of Crystal and take several Crystal Cruises per year. We took our first and last river cruise last year. Now that Crystal is entering the river cruise business, we’ll give it another try… Crystal people are willing to pay top dollar for a top experience, and we get what we pay for. Bravo on entering the river cruise business.


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