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South American Wonders Certain to Leave Travelers in Awe in 2017

By Mimi Kmet

Mystical Machu Picchu. Inspiring Iguazú Falls. A trip to South America wouldn’t be complete without visiting them. As travelers revel in the decidedly modern luxuries aboard Crystal Serenity on the ship’s intensive 2017 South American journey, they’ll also be transported to ancient and naturally wondrous surroundings at two of the world’s most remarkable sites.

One almost certainly needs to pause and catch a breath — or two — as he or she approaches the ancient tiers of Machu Picchu or stands amidst the spraying mist as Iguazú Falls crashes into the basin below. These are bucket-list-worthy experiences — the kind just begging to be made into memories not likely matched (until your next Crystal voyage). That’s why Crystal Cruises has built inclusive, pre- and post-cruise Overland Adventures to these magnificent sites on four select Crystal Serenity voyages from the 2017 South America collection.

Machu Picchu (Photo by ©Paetzhh|
Machu Picchu and Huayna Picchu
(Photo by ©Paetzhh|

Machu Picchu: Exquisite Incan Fortress City

As Crystal Serenity sails down South America’s west coast, guests will embark on a three-night adventure that features the fabled mountain fortress city of Machu Picchu. South America’s best known and most spectacular archaeological site, Machu Picchu is a masterpiece of engineering and architecture that is believed to have served as a sanctuary and retreat for the Inca pachacutec (emperors) from 1438 to 1572. Machu Picchu, which means “Old Mountain,” is a UNESCO World Heritage Site and one of the new Seven Wonders of the World. The tour also includes an exploration of Lima, a modern metropolis full of history, and Cusco, a picturesque Andean town that maintains the urban planning of the Incas.

The Machu Picchu adventure is included as a post-cruise program for Verandah and Penthouse guests on Voyage 7303, “Incan Influences,” a 20-day segment departing Colón, Panama, on January 22, 2017.

It also is included as a pre-cruise program for Verandah and Penthouse guests on Voyage 7304, “Antarctic Adventure,” a 23-day segment departing Valparaiso, Chile, on February 8. (The land portion starts February 5.)

Iguazú Falls mist (Photo by ©Procyab|
Iguazú Falls
(Photo by ©Procyab|

Iguazú Falls: Stunning Natural Wonder

A two-night adventure to stunning Iguazú Falls awaits segment guests, as Crystal Serenity sails up the continent’s east coast. A UNESCO World Heritage Site, Iguazú Falls is situated in Iguazú National Park. There are more than 270 falls in an area shared by Brazil and Argentina, where cliffs and islets are scattered in a half moon. Guests will view this natural wonder from different vantage points, including a 1,000-meter footbridge at the base of the falls and the balcony at Garganta del Diablo (Devil’s Throat), where water falls from 80 meters. The adventure also includes a tour through Buenos Aires’ major neighborhoods and attractions, with a stop at Café Tortoni, the oldest coffee shop in the country, which is visited by intellectuals, politicians, and artists.

Plaza De Armas De Cusco (Photo by ©Poladamonte|
Plaza De Armas De Cusco, Peru
(Photo by ©Poladamonte|

The Iguazú Falls adventure is included as a pre-cruise program, starting March 1, 2017, for Voyage 7305, “Tangos and Sambas,” an 11-day segment that departs Buenos Aires on March 3.

It is also included as a pre-cruise program, starting March 12, for Voyage 7306, “Amazon Expedition,” a 22-day segment that departs Rio de Janeiro on March 14.


Featured image: Majestic Iguazú Falls, Argentina (Photo by ©Kbfmedia| 

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