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A World of Gratitude from the Crystal Family, in Their Own Words

Sometimes, the little things are the big things. And sometimes, the most memorable moments are the fleeting ones, but they make your day brighter nonetheless. Sometimes the best view in the world is that of the person sitting across the table, and sometimes its as far as an island across the sea. There is a world of things to be thankful for during this season of gratitude and throughout the year, with more discovered every day.

We’re endlessly thankful for the Crystal crew – those dedicated individuals who come from around the globe to provide the very best travel experiences aboard our ships. As they travel the world alongside our guests, they make discoveries that enrich their lives, moments monumental and minuscule that make the journey amazing.

When we asked our beloved crew members about some of these moments and discoveries that make them most thankful, we requested “a few” responses, a small sampling that would illustrate the world of Crystal and beyond from their perspective. What we got in response to this request were dozens of things, places and people – a long, long list of gratitude from the people who are the heart of the Crystal Family.

Crystal Esprit Crew
Crystal Esprit’s Crew

Here are “just a few” of those responses, followed by a special message from our crew and president, Tom Wolber, just for you…

Anthony Gabio, Quarter Master, Crystal Serenity
Hometown: Subic Bay, Philippines

“I’m very proud to work onboard the Crystal ships. Here onboard you can meet different amazing people and know different cultures. It’s a great experience to work with the best crew in the world and meet amazing guests.”

Lorand Simon, Laundry Master, Crystal Ravel
Hometown: Contanta, Romania

“I am thankful for working onboard the best cruise ship in the world and for waking up in a different city every morning.”

Ronnie Espina, Engine Administrative Assistant, Crystal Serenity
Hometown: Olongapo, Philippines

“I am thankful for the gift of family, the gift of friendship and the gift of many opportunities. I am thankful for the spectacular sunset while I sipped champagne on the top of the Burj Khalifa. I am thankful for the real opportunity to have been able to bring my family on board when we visited Manila last March and to be able to show them the place where I work and live away from home.”

Rose Rozario, Waitress, Crystal Symphony
Hometown: Mumbai, India

“I am thankful for the glorious sunrises in Aqaba, and the unforgettable sunsets across New York’s skyline.”

Rick Spath, Cruise Director, Crystal Serenity
Hometown: Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

“I’m thankful I have had an opportunity to travel the world 15 times over and a wonderful wife and four children who understand my absence from home at times.”

Dorina Bita, River Concierge, Crystal Ravel
Hometown: Chiajna, Romania

“I am thankful for health, for modern living conditions, for freedom of travelling and speaking. I am thankful for every cup of fresh coffee in the morning while planning the day ahead, I’m thankful for every smile that I produce on the faces of my colleagues and guests on board, and I am thankful for everyday challenges and the possibility to grow and understand more.”

Nicoleta Spasici, Destination Manager, Crystal Debussy
Hometown: Brasov, Romania

“I am thankful for my travels – the smell of freshly baked bread in a French boulangerie, the warmth of the sun on a cold morning in a Dutch village, the taste of a Belgian waffle or the flavor of a Riesling grape in the Moselle valley, the music of all the foreign languages around me blended into a song of life.”

Juvy de Jesus, Suite Attendant, Crystal Esprit
Hometown: Philippines

“I am grateful for the activities that we have on board that brings out my talent I did not know I had! It also helps us to develop coordination and teamwork.”

Jen and Martin, Entertainment Hosts, Crystal Debussy
Hometown: Manchester, England

“We are thankful for music and how it can connect people from all walks of life.”

Julia Xavier, Crew Officer, Crystal Serenity
Hometown: Sao Paulo, Brazil

“I am thankful for the delicious pizza in that crowded and loud little place in Sorrento where you can meet as many Crystal crew as Italians and where you have no option but to eat with your hands.”

Michelle Daalmeijer, Waitress, Crystal Mahler
Hometown: Netherlands

“I am thankful for opportunities to meet new amazing people from all around the world and for seeing and exploring new places.”

Sergio Petre, Chief Concierge, Crystal Symphony
Hometown: Puerto la Cruz, Venezuela

“I am grateful to go to places that many people only dream of, and for the opportunity to create memories in every continent of the world.”

Ulandi Groenwald, Housekeeping Manager, Crystal Esprit
Hometown: South Africa

“I am thankful for working onboard the best cruise ship in the world and for waking up in a different city every morning.”

From all of us at Crystal – on our ships and in our offices around the world – we are thankful for you, our guests who inspire and share our love of travel every day.

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