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The West Indies are filled to the treetops with chic island playgrounds beloved by the jet-set. Stylish lounges and casual cabana bars, secluded harbors perfectly situated adjacent to untouched, white-sand beaches, and as much sun-soaked adventure as one can pack into a vacation. This region deep in the Caribbean Sea is simply made for yachting. Specifically, our yacht. Island hopping from one adventure to another, tasting local rums here and feasting on lobster there, discovering entirely new colors with each tropical sunset – all of this is punctuated by the butler-serviced luxury of your Crystal yacht.

Scuba diving the coral reef of Anegada is a bucket list-worthy adventure while in the West Indies.

Crystal Esprit will make herself at home in this paradise beginning in November, with itineraries of long beloved favorite destinations, as well as some hidden gems that only those in the know, know. Our expert team of destination experts happen to be fully immersed in the know, and have curated alternating seven-day routes round-trip from Marigot Bay visiting some of the poshest spots in the West Indies and British Virgin Islands.

Whether you’ve traveled this blissful region before or are diving in for the first time, here are some of our favorite spots in store for you, which we’re certain will become your favorites, too.

Anegada, British Virgin Islands

Why we love it

Anegada is legendary. It’s the second largest of the main British Virgin Islands, and yet, the least populated (roughly 285 residents call the island home). It’s home to the fourth largest barrier coral reef in the world – Horseshoe Reef is 18 miles long – as well as an astounding 300 shipwrecks. The island itself is composed entirely of coral and limestone and is surprisingly flat, with its highest peak sitting 28 feet above the horizon – perfect for sunset watching, but also a likely explanation for some of those shipwrecks.

Why you’ll love it

While Anegada’s reef and low profile are notoriously treacherous to sailors, it’s a dream location for divers and snorkelers. The underwater world surrounding this island is simply glorious, teeming with sea life sporting colors that seem to jump out against the blue backdrop of the sea. On a more delicious note, Anegada is also known as the lobster capital of the British Virgin Islands, adding some extra flavor to your time there.

Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands

Why we love it

It’s not a stretch of the imagination why anyone falls in love with this gem amidst “the saints” (St. Thomas, St. Martin and their brethren). Close your eyes, point your camera in any direction, and enjoy the resulting postcard that you’ve captured. But we also love the fact that the island provides common ground for two intrepid travelers who seemingly share nothing else: Christopher Columbus and Richard Branson. The former discovered and named Virgin Gorda (he thought the land resembled a reclining woman with an ample belly), the latter was so drawn to this piece of paradise that he purchased his own private island just off her shores.

Shallow blue pools and rocky grottoes are ideal for exploring on St. Kitts.

Why you’ll love it

We consider it a given that you’ll share our affection for the spectacular scenery that beg you to embark on underwater adventures. Beyond the turquoise waters are the Baths – an unusual area of massive boulders and rock formations that create perfect opportunities to explore their grottoes.

St. Kitts & Nevis

Why we love it

“Indulgent” doesn’t begin to describe the culinary experience found on this two-island nation. Coconut Grove Restaurant & Wine Lounge is named quite literally, situated amongst hundreds of coconut trees and offering menus of sumptuous Franco-Caribbean fare, paired with thousands of bottles from the award-winning wine cellar.

Why you’ll love it

World-class cuisine of this caliber calls for some serious activity. Swimming in the sea or in the infinity pool set on the grounds of the Coconut Grove are an excellent start, or aim higher toward Upper Round Road, where mountain biking is the heart-pounding activity of choice. In between, hike the rainforest, explore sugar plantations and relax in the volcanic hot springs. There’s a lot to love in this coveted locale.

Nevis’ peak is covered in lush rainforest, just waiting to be explored.

Saba, Netherlands

Why we love it

This “special municipality” of the Dutch nation is somewhat out of place in the tropical islands, but in the best ways. It is actually the very tip of a mountain that is predominantly submerged underwater. Here, expansive beaches are replaced with lush, green forest land, and only one road, known simply as “The Road” (we also love that). The charms of the Netherlands – gardens and gingerbread houses – are blended with the exotic beauty of the Caribbean to create something akin to heaven.

Why you’ll love it

Take your pick: fragrant wild orchids, hand-stitched Saba lace creations, the taste of the island’s famous 151-proof Saba Spice rum, the stunning viewpoint from atop the aptly named Mount Scenery, or the world-renowned dive sites surrounding the shores. We can’t wait to find out what your favorite experience is on Saba.

Crystal Esprit’s inaugural West Indies season begins this November. Book your escape to paradise now, and enjoy Early Booking Savings of up to $1,000 per suite on all 2018 Crystal Yacht Expedition Cruises.


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