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Neopolitan pizza

Calling Aspiring Chefs and Professional Taste-Testers to Summer Mediterranean Voyages

Crystal journeys explore the world’s most breathtaking places, and, more deliciously, some of the world’s most mouthwatering cuisines. This summer, Crystal Serenity will sail the Mediterranean, renowned for delicacies and flavors that will nourish body and soul. Cuisine here is created not just to satisfy hunger, but to celebrate traditions and share stories, laughs and memories that transcend the meal.

Whether you fancy yourself a foodie or are looking to expand your palate, Crystal’s summer Mediterranean voyages are filled with culinary experiences that go beyond restaurant menus to the savory heart of each destination. Learn the techniques of a French Michelin-starred chef, perfect Catalan cooking and learn the nuances between Sorrento and Neapolitan pizza as you cover your hands in dough. Sip the signature wines of each locale along the way, perfectly paired with centuries of culinary expertise.

Don’t miss these enticing flavors on your Crystal Mediterranean voyage.

Cooking Workshop with Chef Llorca & Culinary Museum of August Escoffer in Antibes, France

On this Boutique Adventure (meaning: available only with Crystal Cruises), meet Michelin-starred chef Alain Llorca in his villa-restaurant and get cooking. Watch, listen and roll up your sleeves to learn tips and secrets for creating local specialties, including such dishes as a thin tart with tomato and basil sauce and lemon tart with meringue. Your next stop is the Culinary Museum of August Escoffier, known as the “King of chefs and chef for kings” and considered to be the founder of French haute cuisine.

The Art of Pizza Making in Sorrento and Naples

Food is integral to any Italian holiday, with pizza being a universally beloved favorite around the world. As you may expect, there are differing opinions and techniques as to the right way to create the perfect pie. In Sorrento, you’ll be treated to one such approach at a local farmhouse, where tasting the region’s mozzarella and limoncello liqueur gets your creative juices flowing. In Naples – often credited as the definitive birthplace of pizza – learn the art of the perfectly soft doughy crust and traditional Neapolitan toppings.

Cadiz Spain
The La Vina neighborhood of Cadiz, Spain is filled with tables of tapas waiting to be shared.

A Taste of Tapas by Foot in Cadíz, Spain

Combining your daily step goals with the quintessential Spanish culinary experience, this adventure keeps your body moving and your appetite satisfied. Wander through the Plaza Mina, Plaza San Antonio and Plaza de Catedral, taking in historical sites and stopping for tapas at landmark bars in each quarter of your tour. Throughout this experience, your cultural curiosities for art, architecture and traditional small bites will be satiated.

A Taste of Southern Elba

Beyond the beautifully-preserved medieval corners of the island of Elba and its iron mines of mount Calamita and Mount Ginevro, lies La Chuisa. This 17th-century wine estate is nestled among endless hillside vineyards and olive groves that overlook the sea, and boasts a long heritage of producing the region’s distinctive passiti wine. As any self-respecting mansion on Elba does, La Chuisa also claims to have housed Napoleon during his exile here. Spend half of a day in the gardens of this Italian paradise, sipping, sampling small bites, and learning of other historical fascinations.

Perfect Your Pasta Skills in Monopoli

Another staple of Italian cuisine and itself a varying canvas of possible shapes and flavors, pasta is always on the menu at a local masseria – a countryside farmhouse estate that caters to modern tastes and upholds quintessential traditions. Learn from the chef the nuances of creating the perfect pasta and savor the resulting masterpieces. Orecchiette and cavatelli served with rosemary, tomatoes, basil and traditional Italian wines make this a truly mouthwatering educational experience.

Catalan Cooking & Wines of the Templar in Port-Vendres, France

The formidable Knights of the Templar began cultivating wines in the 13th century, toward the end of the fated Crusades, where the Terres des Templiers winery and vineyards now sit along the Côte Vermeille (Red Coast). Their techniques are still used today, producing fine dry wines that pair beautifully with the spice of Catalan cuisine. The property’s chef will guide you through a workshop creating paella, a classic dish of Catalan flavors, and the perfect way to energize your day spent exploring the estate’s grounds and surrounding region.

Port-Vendres in French Catalonia is an idyllic setting for tastes and toasts of French flavors.

Herb Liqueur & Sustainable Farming in Ibiza, Spain

Nature, tradition and culture are central to daily life in Finca Can Muson, about 45 minutes from Ibiza. Here, meet María Marí Colomar, who farms her family’s land with dedication to the highest quality and ecologically sustainable practices. One of the many bounties produced by her efforts is the traditional herb liqueur by which locals have sworn for its healing aromas and flavor for centuries. Learn the techniques in making this specialty, and taste for yourself its rejuvenating traits.

Book now to satisfy your appetite for culture and cuisine on enchanting 2018 summer Mediterranean voyages.

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