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The Gift of Ease

Lounging in Crystal bed

By Don George

While this may be yawn-worthy old news to Crystal veterans, for me as a new member of the Crystal community, one of the mind-boggling riches – well, the prime mind-boggling richness, really — of my first cruise on Crystal Serenity was just how deliciously easy it all was.

As with many wonderful things in life, once you become used to this richness, you forget just how extraordinary it is; you start to take it for granted. And so, just to state it plainly and clearly before I started to take it for granted myself, I wrote these words in my journal on my fourth day at sea:

What’s my fundamental lesson from this trip so far? Cruising on Crystal confers the greatest gift of all: ease. You unpack once and that’s it for your entire trip; you’re lavished with all kinds of exquisite food and drink virtually whenever you want; you sail effortlessly overnight from one glorious and astonishing place to another; after a splendid sleep, you awake to find a new port shimmering expectantly outside your window; you spend the day exploring this amazing place on your own or in the company of a congenial expert, whichever you prefer; and then at the end of an enriching day of discovery and delight, you return to your fabulously comfortable stateroom in what has quickly become your home away from home, feast on a sumptuous dinner, revel in a concert or performance (if you like), and then sail into a deep and unperturbed sleep.

Oh, they glide through the sea with the greatest of ease – those lucky world-travelers on Crystal Serenity.



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Posted on January 17, 2018

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