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When the summer heat is at its peak, you know you’ve officially reached the halfway point in the year, meaning fall is fast approaching, followed by the event-and-festivity-packed pre-holiday season. It’s easy to look at the calendar and think that your dreams of exotic, far-flung luxury cruise adventures will have to wait until next year. Enter: 2017 Crystal Getaways!

Crystal has just unveiled 17 brand new abbreviated journeys throughout the world that can fulfill virtually any dreams you have of exploring new cultures, landscapes and treasures – all wrapped in the inclusive luxury of the Crystal Experience.

The vineyards of Bordeaux, France

So, how many new discoveries can you make in a week? How many new adventures can you pursue, and new flavors can you taste over the course of five days? Here’s your answer:

In five days, you can trace the steps of literary giants in Dublin, taste the rich heritage of Guinness and Jameson, be dazzled by the crystal in Waterford and explore the endless outdoor adventures in Guernsey. (Honfleur to Liverpool, August 13)

In six days, you can delve into the highland fairytales in Scotland, join the spirits at the centuries-old pubs, and discover the jewels of the Emerald Isles. (Belfast to London/Dover, August 13)

In six days, you can discover why Honfleur has been a muse for painters for centuries, acclaimed as Normandy’s most picturesque harbor. You can uncover the warm hospitality found behind the imposing walls of St-Malo’s fortress, and marvel at the White Cliffs of Dover. (London/Dover to Bordeaux, August 25)

In six days, you can treat your palate to the adventure of a lifetime in the UNESCO-recognized wine country of Bordeaux, then savor the Basque influences of St-Jean-de-Luz. You can explore the artistic marvels of Bilbao and Lisbon, while basking in the late summer European sun. (Bordeaux to Lisbon, August 31)

Dubai’s exotic proximity to desert and sea create a special mystique to its urban landscape.

In four days, you can immerse yourself in the ancient riches and modern physics-defying architecture of Abu Dhabi and Dubai, learning about the fascinating contrast between international culture in these hubs along the Arabian Sea. (Dubai to Abu Dhabi, November 22)

In five days, you can explore the extraordinary urban sites of Abu Dhabi, then venture to the garden jewel of the Seychelles, Mahé, Madagascar, and Réunion for some quality time among the coral reefs and lush jungles and forests. (Abu Dhabi to Mahé, November 26)

In 13 days, you can extend the previous getaway to explore the African culture and landscapes more in depth, with visits to Nosy Bé and Mauritius, plus the French flair of Réunion. (Abu Dhabi to Port Louis, November 26)

In seven days, you can enjoy a pre-holiday holiday, as you explore the Dutch, French and British influences along the Indian Ocean. You can lose yourself in sunsets as vibrant as the local nightlife, and learn about the customs of local residents on the coast of Africa. (Port Louis to Maputo, December 9)

In six days, you can fulfill your wish list with “Big Five” safaris through the wilds of South Africa, offering chance encounters with lions, rhinos, cheetahs, giraffes, and other extraordinary creatures. (Maputo to Cape Town, December 16)

Caribbean islands hold as much beauty underwater as along the shorelines.

In eight days, you can escape the winter chill with an island getaway to the tranquil beaches and turquoise waters in the Caribbean. Dive into the warm sea and discover the colors that live along the reefs, with not a snowflake in sight. (Fort Lauderdale to Barbados, December 6)

In six days, you can travel the exclusive harbors of the West Indies and warm yourself with the charms of idyllic island life as you give yourself the gift of a luxurious Crystal Getaway. (Barbados to Charleston, December 14)

And these are just the ocean ‘Getaways,’ offered aboard our award-winning ships Crystal Symphony and Crystal Serenity.

During half a dozen seven- and nine-day Crystal River Getaways aboard Crystal Mahler in November and December, you can celebrate Thanksgiving and Christmas in the pampered luxury of Crystal’s celebrated service, while you explore the famous Christmas markets along the Rhine River. You can follow the footsteps of musical masters in Vienna, taste the thousand-year heritage of Bavarian beer in Passau, step back into medieval times in the castles and fortresses in bustling towns in Germany and Austria, and meander along the canals of Amsterdam.

Regardless of how full your calendar is, there is always time to treat yourself to a luxury adventure and make new memories and discoveries around the world. It’s time to get away.

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