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The Amazon holds literally countless natural wonders for travelers to discover. To date, there are at least 40,000 plant species, 427 mammals, 1,300 birds, 378 reptiles, 400 amphibians, and 3,000 fish teeming regions river and ocean waters. And counting! It’s impossible to separate the adventure from the Amazon when planning a trip to this mist-covered rainforest. But there’s another component to this region that cannot be overlooked – the food.

Beyond the actual beauty of the Amazon, the beauty of the Amazon is that it’s surrounded by countries and cultures with rich heritages of culinary prowess, served with spice and a side of “I’ve never even heard of that, but it’s delicious!”

As you sail through this remarkable region on Crystal Serenity’s “Amazon Escape” voyage this October, you’ll be wrapped in aromas and flavors throughout the French West Indies, Brazil, Trinidad and Tobago, and Puerto Rico. Since great cuisine is at the heart of most great travel experiences, we encourage you to take your palate on an adventure, and don’t miss some of the national specialties of the region.

Brazil's feijoada is South American comfort food at its best.
Brazil’s feijoada is South American comfort food at its best.


Feijoada may be the most Brazilian dish, which is fitting for the country’s national entrée. The fact that Feijoada originated in Northern Portugal may make it an unexpected choice for Brazil’s national dish, but

it’s one of the few specialties that is universally eaten throughout all areas of the country. It consists of a bean stew made with white or red beans and meat (usually pork or beef, but also chorizo or sausage), is usually served with rice, cabbage and farofa.


Trinidad and Tobago is where you go for flavor. Period. Often, those flavors are unexpected combinations of curry and other spices with fruit, vegetables and abundant varieties of dough. You really can’t go wrong. For a truly authentic Trini invention, try doubles. These sandwich-like creations envelop tender curried channa (chickpeas), tamarind or mango and a dash of pepper for kick in a fluffy light bara bread.

Arroz con Gandules y Lechón

While Puerto Rican cuisine shares some similarities with Spanish and other Latin fare, it bears its own distinctive flavors that you simply cannot miss. One of several national dishes of the region is arroz con gandules – yellow rice and pigeon peas (gandules), roasted with pork and seasoned to perfection.

*BONUS: Round out your culinary discoveries with a piña colada, invented in Puerto Rico in 1954 and established as the national beverage of the country in 1978.

The menu of adventures Crystal Serenity’s “Amazon Escape” extends to virtually every traveler’s style and interests. Book your South American and Caribbean voyage now!

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