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Featured image: Inside the ‘Gustav Klimt Complete Paintings‘ coffee table book

The notion that there are few things in life as valuable as global travel is at the heart of every Crystal experience. We understand that it’s impossible to fully capture the intangible treasures that come with each new discovery, no matter how many perfectly-filtered-and-framed snaps fill your social feeds. It is this spirit of priceless memories of far-off lands and adventures that inspired the Exclusively Crystal online boutique, which launched earlier this year.

Brad Sherman with the Crystal crew.

The collection of globally-inspired keepsakes began as a singular, one-time offering for guests aboard the full World Cruise in the form of the Exclusively Crystal Collection Lifestyle Book. What came of the idea is so much more – a comprehensive array of pieces designed exclusively for Crystal, meant to reflect your favorite travel memories and inspire your next ones. Crystal partnered with Brad Sherman and his expert creative team at The Social Graces to develop a collection of pieces that authentically represent the culture highlighted on Crystal itineraries, and boast the luxurious qualities travelers expect from Crystal.

“The collection featured in the Lifestyle book was originally intended to showcase select pieces that encompassed the spirit of wanderlust and a Crystal World Cruise,” Sherman shares. “We found that the ideas continued to flow and the enthusiasm surrounding the special pieces continued to grow. Every traveler connects with a destination so differently, and their tastes and personal styles vary so much, we were compelled to broaden the collection and make it available on a grander scale.”

Rustic natural stone meets pure silver in this set of Dourado candlesticks.

The collection began with roughly a dozen keepsake pieces, then grew to more than 150 items that span various categories of practicality and pampering, based on the abundance of ideas that represent the many destinations Crystal explores.

Enter the Exclusively Crystal online boutique, where you’ll find treasures that transcend the tchotchkes and trinkets found in worldwide gift shops. Each memento has been thoughtfully created to reveal not just a connection with a destination, but a Crystal connection. Wooden inlay music boxes handcrafted in Italy and a coffee table book of the complete works of Gustav Klimt reflect the arts of the European river region sailed by Crystal Mozart, Crystal Bach, Crystal Mahler, Crystal Debussy and Crystal Ravel. Stone-and-silver Dourado candlesticks sourced from Brazil and cozy alpaca blankets from Peru reminisce of South American adventures and elegance, and genuine mother-of-pearl jewelry boxes provide a Balinese home for your treasures.

All leather goods – which range from practical luggage tags to chic handbags and lush carry-on duffels – were designed by Sherman and his Los Angeles team, then crafted by top leather artists in Bangkok, by the very same hands that weave items for several noted global luxury brands.

Throughout the collection, you’ll find touches and details courtesy of Sherman’s eye for design and understanding of all things Crystal, honed over more than 20 years of designing keepsakes for our guests. Sterling silver and diamond jewelry pieces that boast Crystal’s signature seahorses are entirely Brad’s creation, while other pieces are things found during his own travels that have been “crystalized.”

The finest leather and craftsmanship is incorporated into each Exclusively Crystal piece.

“Crystal is known for signature luxury experiences and amenities, so we couldn’t simply offer a collection of items that travelers can find anywhere,” he says. “Every ‘Exclusively Crystal’ piece is just that: designed exclusively for Crystal.”

Of course, since Crystal ships and yachts are dream destinations unto themselves, there are plenty of items that allow travelers to bring a bit of that luxury home. Elegant cut crystal decanters and glassware, embossed leather travel journals, aprons and other apparel sporting the name of your favorite Crystal vessel, and many other Crystal pieces are available.

While you’ll still find inspiration in the Exclusively Crystal Collection Lifestyle Book found in each stateroom aboard Crystal vessels, the trove of globally-inspired treasures is found solely in the online boutique, where the selection continues to expand with each new adventure. As you fulfill your wish lists this season, and your travel bucket lists in the coming months, look for upcoming items that represent the gift of travel, from paella and cooking pieces from Spain and Brazilian and Argentinian bone pottery, to silver plates from Israel and hand-painted plates from remote Alaskan villages.

No matter where in the world you are, have been, or dream of visiting, the gift of Crystal travel is just a click away.

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Posted on December 24, 2018