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Add These Beauties to Your Camera Roll

Whether you shoot in ISO 400 film on a professional grade camera, or point, click and filter on the latest smart technology, the photos you capture while traveling are more than beautiful sites and scenery. They are the artistic iteration of the memories – your memories – created in that place and time. For photographers avid and aspiring, some destinations lend themselves naturally to the frame, always showcasing their “good” sides and revealing complex landscapes, skylines and colors.

In 2019, if you’re looking to expand your photography portfolio as you expand your passport stamps, there are some destinations that you should absolutely not miss.

Reykjavik, Iceland
The city of Reykjavik, Iceland, and its Blue Lagoon


There’s a saying here: “If you don’t like the weather in Iceland, wait five minutes.” Such dramatic shifts in weather and light make this a photographer’s playground, particularly with subject matters that range from volcanoes and jagged peaks to sweeping coastlines and fjords, accented by quaint town centers and hot springs. Set your camera to manual to capture the varying light and color of the landscape.

Berlin Street Art
Urban art in Berlin colors the historic avenues


This is a city alive with formerly pent-up creative energy that is now released in the form of a vibrant street art scene. Exploring the avenues and byways here, you’ll find vestiges of well documented history that take a stately center stage in a photo frame, as well as edgy expressions of youth and defiance just begging to be photographed and framed.

Madagascar Lemurs
A family of lemurs in the treetops of Madagascar


Here, lemurs, birds and other critters might pose for portraits among the jungle forests. Their shady habitats call for low shutter speeds, while the unpredictable movement of the wild residents is best captured in high-speed bursts. This gives you the best chance of capturing a direct two-eyed stare from twitchy chameleons.

Singapore skyline
Singapore’s glittering skyline


One of the world’s most dramatic skylines creates picture-perfect scenery that can be easily shot with virtually any type of camera. At night, the colorfully lit towers of buildings nearly 1,000 feet tall reflect in the surrounding water like mirrored images. The city is known for its innovative urban design, which also incorporates curiously placed green space that will add some natural beauty to your photos.

Gravdal, Lofoten, Norway
Gravdal, Norway in the Lofoten Archipelago


Specifically, pretty much anywhere in Norway is ideal for spectacular photos. The cities here are colorful waterfront tapestries of cafés and museums, while fishing villages lined with red huts stand brightly against green and blue backdrops. The fjords here are legendary – perfect for panoramic shots from virtually any angle. From Oslo’s center of culture and commerce the majestic Lofoten Archipelago, Norway is a photographer’s dream.

Great Barrier Reef
The expansive reach of Queensland’s Great Barrier Reef


The Great Barrier Reef is possibly one of the world’s most photographed natural wonders. Aerial shots taken from a seaplane or helicopter offer incredible perspective on the scope of the underwater world, while those with proper cameras can actually capture some of the remarkable life beneath the water line. Beyond the reef, Sydney’s iconic Opera House and Harbour, Whitsunday’s laidback island life, and Queensland’s Outback make Australia one of the most diverse canvases in the world for photographers.

Whether you travel with a tripod or a smartphone, grab your gear and embark on your own photographic journey around the world.

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