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Today in Antarctica: Crystal Symphony!

Crystal Symphony’s Captain Mark Symonds took the opportunity to share some of his own spectacular photos as he steers the ship through Antarctica this week.

Crew members commemorate Crystal Symphony's 2016 visit to Antarctica.
Crew members commemorate Crystal Symphony’s 2016 visit to Antarctica.

We were blessed with beautiful weather on the first day and the wildlife and scenery were spectacular. Although having all these formidable icebergs around poses some interesting challenges to navigation, you can’t help but be amazed and in awe of what Mother Nature can come up with! These pictures were taken on my humble cell phone, so you can imagine what the professional photographers are coming up with! Our guests are more than excited to experience this incredible destination.

Crystal Symphony has spent three days in the frozen region during the “Amazing Antarctic” voyage from Buenos Aires to Valparaíso.

Antarctica 2016_2
Iceberg view from Crystal Symphony

Tomorrow, February 6, the ship will venture on through Drake Passage, then to Cape Horn before returning to the balmy South American climate in Argentina and Chile.

Iceberg view from Crystal Symphony
Iceberg view from Crystal Symphony

Intrepid travelers can explore Antarctica in 2017 with Crystal Serenity’s 94-day “Southern Celebración” World Cruise, round-trip from Miami, and on the 26-day “Antarctic Adventure” segment of the journey from Valparaíso to Buenos Aires.

Iceberg view from Crystal Symphony
Iceberg view from Crystal Symphony
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