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Diving for Shipwrecks or a Deep-Sea Submersible, Crystal Esprit Has You Covered

While it’s true that many of the most unforgettable, breathtaking moments that occur during a Crystal vacation take place on and above the water, we’d like to bring to your attention a few reminders that the Crystal Experience reaches far below the depths of the sea, as well. We’re committed to sharing the world’s most fascinating locales and experiences with you in the most luxurious ways and would be remiss if we didn’t highlight the world of unparalleled wonder that lies beneath the oceans and seas we explore.

We’re not just talking elaborate scuba dives for the seasoned and certified, though there are plenty of options that will push your sub-aquatic adventure limits. But you need not have any experience to discover the underwater marvels set for Crystal Esprit’s winter and spring sailings in the West Indies and British Virgin Islands. The first step is identifying what type of underwater adventurist you are, then let us handle the details.

“I can dive 150 feet with both hands tied behind my back, while also wrestling a shark whose genus and species I can properly identify.”

IMPORTANT: We don’t recommend shark wrestling. Or any other type of grappling with sea life. However, for experienced divers seeking a thrilling challenge on West Indies cruises, Crystal Esprit’s West Indies Yachting Explorer” voyage offers two-tank dives for certified divers in Saba, Dutch West Indies; Falmouth Harbour, Antigua; and Basseterre, St. Kitts, where protected reefs teem with tropical fish, vibrant corals, sea turtles and yes, Caribbean reef sharks. Those with open water certifications can dive along the former naval barge Kodiak Queen just off the shore of Virgin Gorda (from Richard Branson’s Moskito Island) during the “British Virgin Islands Yachting Escape” sailings.

“I love a good swim and any opportunity to discover sea life, but I prefer to stay near the top of the water. You know, where the air is.”

We get that. For those who prefer to become one with the ocean by blending in with the water line, Crystal Esprit’s private marina can outfit you with the gear you need to go from suite to snorkeling in just a few minutes. If this is more your style than the two-tank dive in Antigua, board a private catamaran for a snorkeling adventure in the shallow waters of Deep Bay, where you’ll explore the 1905 shipwreck of The Andes. In Anegada, British Virgin Islands, the 18 miles of legendary Horseshoe Reef (legendary for the treachery it caused historical ships, and the astounding color it offers present-day snorkelers) comprise the largest barrier coral reef in the Caribbean. Join the hundreds of pink flamingos along these shores on one of the most vibrant quests of your vacation.

Anegada Scuba Diving
Scuba diving the coral reef of Anegada is a bucket list-worthy adventure while in the West Indies.

“I prefer to observe the oceans’ wildlife from a distance, on a beach, with a cocktail in my hand.”

Always a good option. Relaxing on sun-warmed white sand while spotting dolphin tails in the distance makes for the perfect afternoon. Enjoy such adventures in relaxation in virtually every port on Crystal Esprit’s West Indies and British Virgin Islands sailings. One particular jaw-dropping beauty is Pinney’s Beach, Nevis – four miles of powdery sand that is not only postcard worthy, but has graced the pages of glossy travel destination features around the world.

“I would love to explore under the sea, if it just weren’t so…wet.”

Two words: Deep-sea submersible. Crystal Esprit’s exclusive underwater vessel allows two guests at a time to dive up to a thousand feet below the sea, for intimate encounters with colorful creatures from the comfort of the state-of-the-art (and dry!) vessel.

Indulge in these underwater escapes and much more from the private marina of the 62-guest Crystal Esprit, outfitted with kayaks, paddle boards, snorkel equipment and much more. For a limited time, $99 round-trip airfare from select North American hubs is available with Crystal Esprit’s January and February 2019 West Indies cruises sailing from Marigot.

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Posted on August 12, 2016