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Lest you assumed that Crystal only specializes in uber-incredible travel experiences on and above the water, we’d like to bring to your attention a few reminders that your unforgettable Crystal vacation reaches far below the depths of the sea, as well. We’re committed to – obsessed with, really – sharing the world’s most fascinating locales and experiences with you in the most luxurious ways, and would be remiss if we didn’t highlight the world of unparalleled wonder that lies beneath the oceans and seas we explore.

We’re not just talking elaborate scuba dives for the seasoned and certified, though there are plenty of options for those of you seeking to push your subaquatic boundaries. You need not have any experience to discover the underwater adventure set for our 2017 global itineraries, as there are adventures curated for virtually every type of explorer.

Scuba Diving along South America's coral reefs will transport you to a different world
Scuba Diving along South America’s coral reefs will transport you to a different world

“I can dive 150 feet with both hands tied behind my back, while also wrestling a shark whose genus and species I can properly identify.”

IMPORTANT: We don’t recommend shark wrestling. Or any other type of grappling with sea life. However, for experienced divers seeking more of a challenge, Crystal Esprit’s many calls to St. Anne’s Island, Seychelles present a fascinating one-tank opportunity. Not only will you be greeted by scores and schools of vibrantly colored reef fish and species not seen elsewhere in the world, but you’ll also encounter ancient shipwrecks that tell historic tales of their own. In the Caribbean, Crystal Serenity’s visit to Grand Cayman offers a two-dank option for certified divers, taking you to depths of 70 to 80 feet in two separate locations: The West Wall, teeming with colorful fish and corals and sponges; the other to a distinctly different reef setting or eerily beautiful shipwreck (determined by the day’s conditions).

“I love a good swim and any opportunity to discover sea life, but I prefer to stay near the top of the water. You know, where the air is.”

We get that. For those of you who prefer to become one with the ocean by blending in with the water line, numerous snorkeling experiences will showcase the kaleidoscope of life in the oceans’ reefs. Crystal Symphony’s voyage to the South Pacific affords snorkeling along the honeycomb reefs of Papua New Guinea and Fiji, while Crystal Serenity takes you to the warm coastal waters of Mexico and Belize for up-close sea life observation. Travelers seeking to dive deeper (pun intended) into the underwater world, a beginner’s scuba dive session, led by an expert guide, is available on Crystal Serenity’s visit to Grand Cayman.

Crystal Esprit's submersible is the ideal vantage point for underwater wildlife viewing.
Crystal Esprit’s submersible is the ideal vantage point for underwater wildlife viewing.

“I prefer to observe the oceans’ wildlife from a distance, on a beach, with a cocktail in my hand.”

Always a good option. Relaxing on sun-warmed white sand while spotting dolphin tails in the distance makes for the perfect afternoon. Enjoy this type of exploration in spades on virtually all Crystal Esprit 2017 voyages. Alternatively, catch a bird’s eye view of the stunning Heart Reef in Hamilton Island, Australia, as the crystal blue waters allow for perfect viewing of the vibrant reef from a seaplane; then gain further perspective when you land on Whitehaven Beach.  If colder climate is your thing, whale watching expeditions in Alaska’s wildlife-rich Pacific waters are the way to go.

“I would love to explore under the sea, if it just weren’t so…wet.”

Two words: Deep-sea submersible. Crystal Esprit’s exclusive underwater vessel allows two guests at a time to dive up to a thousand feet below the sea, for intimate encounters with colorful creatures from the comfort of the state-of-the-art (and dry!) vessel.

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