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Copious amounts of organizational skill, and a bit of magic. Carmen Valencia, the Crystal Butler & Chef aboard Crystal Luxury Air’s Bombardier Global Express Private Jet, manages the many evolving components of the charter voyages like an expert puppet master, with the added grace of a Crystal-trained butler. As each trip aboard the chartered jet is unique to the guests who occupy the luxuriously appointed cabin (Valencia saw to the special china and other touches herself), the butler-in-chief of the flight must be prepared to grant any wish or whim, virtually any time.

Carmen Valencia, Crystal Luxury Air's expert butler and chef awaits guests aboard the Bombardier Global Express Jet.
Carmen Valencia, Crystal Luxury Air’s expert butler and chef awaits guests aboard the Bombardier Global Express Jet.

Valencia’s background is rich in culinary training and hospitality, though she underwent further intensive training for her role on Crystal’s Global Express. For ten hours per day, for five days, she donned a chef’s hat and cooked alongside Crystal Serenity’s talented chefs in every delectable dining venue aboard the ship. This training, along with the more than 100,000 nautical miles she traveled in December alone curating the onboard experience for Crystal Global Express charter guests, have sharpened her expertise on how to make travelers’ private jet experience exceptional.  Here, we share some of her background and insights into the Crystal Luxury Air private jet experience – which may soon become your favorite way to travel!

What specially appeals to you about acting as the private jet butler and chef for Crystal (a company with more than two decades of acclaim for its first class service)?

It is a privilege and honor to work as the Skye Butler on Crystal’s luxury aircraft. The capability of our Bombardier Global Express to fly longer range for international routes and extended trips allows me to really connect with the guests and provide a truly luxury private jet experience. My background is in the culinary arts, so I have deeply rooted love for providing elegant feasts that entice even the most discerning travelers. 

What are the can’t-take-off-without items that you always have at the ready for Crystal Luxury Air guests – certain wines, amenities etc.?

Each charter’s guests have specific requests. I always inquire about special preferences ahead of time in order to ensure a successful trip, but also make sure to allow for spur-of-the-moment requests whenever possible. Preparing and stocking the aircraft depends on the duration of travel, how many guests will be on board and the purpose of the travel. A guest may have special dietary concerns, or prefer only red or white wines. I make sure to cater to as much as possible before we take flight.

This applies to special occasions as well. Birthdays, anniversaries, holiday travel – it’s important to ensure that each component of the trip is special and personalized. The true luxury of a private charter is the ability to make it whatever in the world you want it to be, which is where I come in.

As a chef, adapting to the fluid pace of private jet travel presents its own challenges. How and when can you plan menus, market visits and preparation? 

There are many variables in planning a menu. Of course, first and foremost it is up to the clients’ taste, dietary restrictions and requests. Also, I like to source seasonal organic ingredients, which vary depending on the countries we are visiting. Once I’ve planned a menu, I then pair each course with a complementary wine. Even at 30,000 feet, it’s important that our guests enjoy a luxury dining experience that reflects their own preferences and the destinations of our travel.

To enjoy the on-demand, private jet luxury of a Crystal’s Global Express private jet anywhere in the world, contact Crystal Luxury Air.

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Posted on January 17, 2017